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How Property Managers Can Appeal to Millennial Renters

It’s pretty common to hear people blaming the millennial generation for “killing off” various industries. Throughout every decade, there’s always been a younger generation that has encountered some sort of criticism. After all, younger generations (regardless of decade) have grown up surrounded by newer forms of technology that make their… Read More

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What’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing Automation Really All About?

There’s a difference… Do you know what it is? What makes lifecycle marketing automation different from marketing automation? Are there any determining factors that make one a better candidate than the other?   Can lifecycle marketing work for B2C companies? More specifically, can they work for your automotive dealership? Organizations of all sizes ask these questions to determine how to appropriately use this within their business models. So here it is, the truth about lifecycle marketing automation. Read More

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Increasing Qualified Leads with Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Managing customer relationships. Tracking opportunities. Repeat and referral business. Sound familiar? These are just a few of the benefits a CRM system brings to a dealership. While these are important to salespeople and managers alike, they miss the mark when it comes to the front end of the customer relationship – when they are in the lead stage. CRM is a great solution for lead tracking, but it does little to convert leads into customers. To do this, dealers need to come up with effective outreach strategies for converting them into a paying customer. Read More

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