Because PERQ outperforms

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Because Results Matter

In head-to-head tests, the PERQ marketing automation platform outperforms other leasing assistants and other lead automation solutions at increasing lead conversions, saving time for onsite teams, reducing wasted marketing spend, and delivering exceptional prospect experiences.

  • PERQ’s Lead-to-Tour Conversion
  • Other’s Lead-to-Tour Conversion

Because PERQ Unifies All the Tools You Need to Succeed

It used to be that you’d need a slew of disconnected solutions to manage your marketing leads. One service for website chat or leasing assistant, another for your marketing analytics, and yet another for lead nurturing. Not anymore. PERQ has taken all of the best inbound marketing tools and consolidated them into a single platform, so you can serve seamless interactive online experiences, engage with prospects with chat in multiple channels, and automatically nurture them all in one place.

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Because PERQ has nurture science™

Nurture science is PERQ’s proprietary technology that’s used to power personalized email and SMS communications for each and every rental prospect. Regardless of lead source, PERQ automatically reaches out with messages that adjust the content, timing and channel choice to the individual. Designed to entice and reengage prospects at just the right times across their renter’s journey, PERQ’s nurture automation mixes compelling CTAs and best practice nurturing approaches with personalization, ensuring messages are highly relevant to each individual rental prospect. No other nurture solution on the market offers the depth of personalization of PERQ. 

Because Today’s Renters Want More

The renter’s journey has lengthened. Today’s renters start looking for apartments earlier and want to educate themselves at their own pace. They expect a seamless experience with your brand across channels and they want you to know them and cater to their preferences. They expect immediate responsiveness to their needs. But lean multifamily teams aren’t equipped to handle all that activity. 

PERQ powers all the prospect activity you need to make the most of every single lead without any work from your team. The platform uses AI to automate interactive and personalized website experiences, a leasing assistant that can converse on the web, SMS, Google, email, and convert inbound leasing calls to text messages, and personalized email and SMS nurture communications and it builds prospect intelligence and acts upon it to give rental prospects what they need exactly when they need it everywhere they are across their renter’s journey. 

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Optimized Digital Experiences (Without the Work)

PERQ personalizes and automates the consumer experience, providing each prospect with exactly what they need, when they need it along their prospect journey, no matter the length. In turn, you get all the benefits of a more consistent and better brand experience for your rental prospects. 

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Increased Website Conversion

Your website is your property’s greatest asset (who doesn’t love free leads?) and you need it to perform the best it can. PERQ makes it easy to add interactive and personalized online experiences to your website to educate and delight prospects and then automates the nurture communications to keep them coming back for more!

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Reduced Marketing Spend

PERQ expertly automates the engagement and nurturing of leads to improve your conversions.  When your lead funnel is performing at these levels, you’ll reduce your cost per lead significantly — as much as 70% — since more leads from unpaid sources and better conversions means less paid leads are needed to fill your vacancies.

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Data for Controlling Spend and Risk

PERQ’s reporting provides important data insights for marketing spend and pricing units. Full-funnel attribution tracking helps you identify the best performing leads sources. Visibility into budget and demand of future renters helps you avoid risk when determining price points for possible rent increase. 

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Saved Time and People Resources

PERQ reduces the time leasing employees spend answering questions and qualifying leads for tours. And, time saved on this means your team maximizes their productivity with building relationships with qualified tours and closing leases. Now you can rest knowing you have the right-sized team to cover the work.
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Analytics and Reporting

Know more about the effectiveness of your marketing across channels, determine the true ROI of your lead sources, and get unmatched insights about multifamily market preferences with PERQ’s powerful reporting capabilities. 

Because there's no risk

PERQ offers a 90-day trial, so you can see for yourself what’s possible with PERQ. We believe and want you to, too!

Hear what they’re saying about PERQ

From our innovative technology to our amazing Client Success Team, find out why people love PERQ.

PERQ has supercharged our tech stack, driving conversions up and costs per lead down. PERQ’s blend of website experiences, chatbots and nurture touches get prospects ready to talk to my team. And, since all the information PERQ collects goes into our CRM, we’re better equipped for our in-person conversations.

Jamin Harkness

EVP, The Management Group

PERQ has saved us a lot of time because their leads have the details of the specials we’re offering, when they want to move, what style of apartment they’re looking for...it saves us a lot of time so we don’t have to figure out everything on our own because they’ve already submitted all the details. It makes it easier for us and speeds the process up.

Cecilia Smoyer

Assistant Property Manager, Karric Place of Dublin

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