5 Multifamily Conferences for Multifamily Leadership to Attend in 2023

This article covers the top multifamily events for 2023. Visit our new article for the best multifamily conferences in 2024.

Multifamily conferences are a vital aspect in the industry whether you’re multifamily leadership looking for a solution to automate and personalize your renter’s journey or if you’re part of an onsite leasing team looking for support in nurturing prospects through a lengthening rental process.

You can always catch PERQ participating at a variety of multifamily conferences because we love educating the multifamily industry on what PERQ is capable of and fostering connections with multifamily teams.

a picture of the PERQ booth at one of many multifamily conferences they attend

Here is our recommendation of the top 5 multifamily conferences that multifamily teams should attend in 2023 — and you’ll see PERQ — multifamily’s only standalone marketing automation platform there too!

1. Multifamily Social Media Summit

March 22-24, 2023 – The Meritage Hotel & Spa – Napa, CA

The Multifamily Social Media Summit is a three-day multifamily conference designed for property management firms that are using social media and content marketing to retain and attract new residents. This summit is geared towards senior and mid-level executives and managers in PMCs that include owners, developers, multifamily executives & managers, regional management executives & managers, and marketing professionals.

Attendees can expect business and technical topic sessions surrounding social media measurement, ROI, implementation, and more. Exhibitors and sponsors will be there for attendees to visit with and learn more about their company and products & services.

PERQ will serve as an exhibitor and attendees can:

  • Expect to learn about PERQ’s mission and core values
  • Learn how we’re automating and personalizing the renter’s journey
  • Take a look at the fun PERQ swag we’ll have
  • Schedule private time to get to know us better

2. TAA

April 19-21, 2023 – Ft. Worth Convention Center – Ft. Worth, TX

The TAA One Conference & Expo is a three-day multifamily conference that is intended for cost-effective professional development. Attendees that either recommend, influence, or are final decision makers, such as leasing professionals, owners, VPs, operations, and property/regional managers are best suited for this.

This conference offers informational seminars, a trade show, and exceptional networking opportunities. Exhibitors and sponsors will be in attendance to establish new customers and introduce new products & services.

By visiting PERQ’s booth at TAA:

  • You’ll be introduced to PERQ, multifamily’s only standalone marketing automation platform
  • Receive a product demo to see how using PERQ results in increased conversions, reduced cost per lead and lease, and time saved over other automated tools
  • Schedule some 1:1 time with us
  • Leave our booth with some PERQ goodies!

3. AIM

May 7-10, 2023 – Hyatt Regency Resort – Huntington Beach, CA

AIM – also known as the Apartment Innovation & Marketing Conference is a 4-day multifamily conference targeted toward executives who own and operate multifamily communities and the conference’s sponsors.

Guests can expect discussions that focus on marketing technology, automation, and AI, leasing technology, future tech, and ethics of personalized data-gathering, and marketing, to name a few. Besides an agenda packed with educational discussions, there will also be sponsors in attendance. Decision-makers will be able to meet with sponsors, who typically specialize in marketing, software, technology, online services, etc.

When multifamily decision-makers meet with representatives from PERQ, they can expect:

  • A deeper look into PERQ’s mission and how it works hand in hand with improving the multifamily rental process for prospects and PMCs
  • See how our platform uses AI to automate interactive website experiences, applies natural language chat, and personalizes nurture touches to give renters what they want through their renter’s journey
  • Schedule 1:1 time with one of our multifamily experts
  • Score some of our fun PERQ swag

4. NAA Apartmentalize 

June 7-9, 2023 – Georgia World Congress Center – Atlanta, GA

NAA also known as Apartmentalize is a three-day multifamily conference for the leaders and innovators of multifamily to come together to collaborate on ideas and solutions. This is best suited for decision makers and industry leaders mostly at a manager level or higher.

The offerings here are unique from peer-to-peer learning sessions, express meetings, seminars from speakers with an outside perspective, wellness sessions, and more. There will also be interactive networking experiences and an exhibit hall for guests to visit leading multifamily professionals and partners and network with them.

PERQ will be making an appearance as an exhibitor, at one of the main industry-leading multifamily conferences, and we will look forward to:

  • Catching up with you on what you’re currently doing with your renter’s journey
  • Showing you all that PERQ can do to automate and personalize your renter’s journey and turn leads to leases
  • Sending you on your way with some PERQ gifts

5. Optech

November 1-3, 2023 – Wynn Resort – Las Vegas, NV

Optech is a three-day Conference & Exposition for multifamily leadership to gather and discover what’s new when it comes to technology, operations, marketing, sustainability, and telecommunications. You can also uncover tech solutions that will provide better performance, integrations, and sustainability. This conference is best for multifamily leadership decision-makers, such as CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs, and VPs.

Attendees can expect to sit in on thoughtful presentations surrounding important topics, such as business intelligence, innovation, marketing, technology, and more. The Expo will also be available to attendees at certain hours to visit the tech solutions at their booths and learn about their company and receive demos of products & services.

PERQ will be one of those tech solutions — come visit us to discover:

  • More about PERQ, multifamily’s only standalone marketing automation platform
  • If our solutions can solve the pains you are experiencing and advance your renter’s journey
  • A few fun things at our booth, like a giveaway to enter and pick up some PERQ swag

PERQ will also be hosting a variety of virtual webinars and social hours to continue to foster relationships with the multifamily community and create data-driven conversations surrounding relevant multifamily marketing topics with seasoned multifamily marketing professionals.

These are just a few of the influential multifamily conferences that take place in the industry. These are exceptional multifamily conferences to attend to network with other industry professionals, continue to grow your multifamily educational toolkit, and learn about the leading multifamily technology solutions and ideas in marketing and multifamily. Don’t forget to mark your calendars so you can attend these must-see multifamily conferences and visit PERQ while you’re there.

What multifamily conferences did we miss? What are your favorites to attend?

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