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Conversational AI

One Voice. Everywhere You Do Business.

PERQ automates prospect communication across channels using the latest in machine-learning AI chat technology, purpose-built for multifamily. PERQ gives your prospects access to accurate answers about property amenities and availability, schedules tours, and creates remarkable rental prospect experiences, 24/7.

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PERQ 1 V2 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Increases Results

PERQ’s conversational AI increases lead-to-lease conversion, provides remarkable prospect experiences, and handles questions and requests better than other chat technologies. And the technology setup is easy and quick with PERQ’s amazing customer support.

Less Work

PERQ’s conversational AI handles prospect questions and requests to free up your onsite team for more valuable work, such as closing leases and servicing residents.

2X your tours | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Always On

PERQ is on your channels and ready to offer assistance 24/7, anytime your prospects need help. Our technology responds immediately. And, because PERQ is always on, it can schedule tours and capture leads, even when you’re closed.

PERQ 12 V2 1 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Correct & Complete

PERQ seamlessly integrates with your CRM and PMS to supply the latest information to your prospects. PERQ’s AI is trained to recognize natural language and provide helpful and complete answers to give prospects exactly what they need.

Here’s How:

More Channels

Meet your future renters everywhere they are! PERQ’s conversational AI works on your website, SMS, email, Google Business Profile and Maps, and can convert inbound prospect phone calls to text exchanges. And, you can even add links to our chat on your social pages and ILS listings!

Better Technology

PERQ goes beyond a typical chatbot, leveraging natural language processing (NLP), not menus, to converse with rental prospects and provide a superior experience. Instant, accurate, and responsive, PERQ’s conversational AI recognizes thousands of variations of questions, recognizes users across channels, and even improves over time with machine learning.

Unified Experiences

PERQ’s seamless integration with your website, CRM, PMS, and other PERQ modules offers a unified experience for your prospects so they can jump between engagement channels, whether they’re on your website, responding to a nurture touch, asking questions in chat on any channel, or scheduling a tour.

PERQ gives us a big advantage in that we can give that initial response to people and capture their attention when they’re curious.

Casey Doyle
Director of Marketing, Ardizzone
ai website chat | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

AI Website Chat

PERQ’s conversational AI on your website elevates chat to the next level with real-time responses to more questions using natural language (NLP) chat technology. Our technology is so conversational that it seems human but doesn’t pretend to be one.

ai sms | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant


Whether originating from an SMS nurture outreach or inbound to a mobile number of your choice, PERQ will reply instantly to prospect text messages. Our responses are specifically styled for mobile messaging and allow you to offer 24/7 coverage to prospect questions and tour scheduling.

3 Perq | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

AI Email Chat

PERQ’s AI can automate discussions when a prospect emails a response to a nurture email or reaches out via an email us form. Now you can respond in the moment to emails, automatically, with accurate answers 24/7, improving your conversions.

google business chat | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Google Business Chat

PERQ’s AI integrates with Google, providing native AI chat messaging capabilities for mobile visitors on both Google Maps and the Google Business Profile. Give your prospects answers exactly where they are and schedule more tours from Google users.

call to | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Call to Text

PERQ works with your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software to convert inbound prospect phone calls to SMS conversations with our AI. Save your team time from answering calls from unqualified prospects and leverage PERQ to convert the qualified ones.

Meet Your Future Renters Everywhere

PERQ’s Conversational AI delivers personal and positive interactions in the moment of need, everywhere your prospects are.