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AI Marketing Automation

Automate Tedious Tasks and Convert More Multifamily Leads

PERQ is multifamily’s only marketing automation platform. Designed to outperform AI leasing assistant automation, PERQ uses a proprietary powerful suite of AI automation solutions to help you achieve occupancy goals with less work and cost.

PERQ employs website shopping tools and personalization alongside conversational AI, automated nurture, and scheduling tools to supercharge your conversions, save time, decrease advertising spend, and create a better brand experience for your prospects all with one complete platform.

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PERQ Personalized Tour Mockup | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant
PERQ 2 V2 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

AI Driven Conversations

Conversational AI

Give your prospects 24/7 access to answers! PERQ’s conversational AI works on your website, SMS, email, Google Business Profile, and can convert inbound prospect phone calls to text exchanges. PERQ’s AI uses natural language, not menus, and remembers visitors across channels to pick up the conversation where it left off.

Why it Matters:
PERQ frees up your onsite team members for closing leases. And, because PERQ is always on it gets every prospective renter the answers they need immediately.

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AI Leasing Assistant

PERQ goes beyond a leasing assistant and elevates multifamily automation to new heights with our top of funnel cross-channel marketing automation. Our proprietary blend of marketing tools gets better results than a leasing assistant.

Why it Matters:

PERQ frees up your onsite team members for closing leases. And, because PERQ is always on it gets every prospective renter the answers they need immediately.


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2 Perq | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

AI Nurture Technology

Personalized Automated Lead Nurture

PERQ nurtures prospects from all your lead sources with a combination of SMS and email messages to entice conversion at just the right times across their rental journey. Powered by AI Nurture Science™, PERQ outperforms “one-size-fits-all” nurture using personalized content and timing of sends that automatically adapts to be relevant to the prospect. And, PERQ works to reactivate previously lost leads in the next rental cycle to get you more tours and leases from leads you already have.

Why it Matters:
PERQ’s automated nurture takes chasing leads off your teams’ hands. And, because PERQ personalizes the timing, channel, and content of those nurture touches, you’ll double your conversion to tour and lease over other follow-up approaches.

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tour | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Tour Scheduler

Whether you offer in person, self-guided or virtual tours – or even all tour types – PERQ handles your tour scheduling, rescheduling, appointment reminders, and subsequent nurturing outreach. PERQ streamlines your appointment calendar and manages all aspects of it with our integrated solution.

Why it Matters:
PERQ makes it easy for prospects to schedule and remember their tour appointments, leading to more completed tours and ultimately leases without work from your team.

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PERQ connects your website, lead sources, and CRM/PMS to unify the consumer experience and maximize signed leases with less work and cost. Supercharge your tech stack with multifamily’s only marketing automation platform!

Why it Matters:
PERQ’s platform gives every lead, regardless of lead source, a personalized renter’s journey. The result: higher conversions to tour on leads from all your lead sources and less wasted lead spend!

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We have been able to drop lead sources and, at the assets where we’ve done that, we’re running under budget on marketing by a couple thousand dollars a month.

Anna Shea
Sr. Director of Marketing, Laramar

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