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Stay ahead of the competition with our expert tips, strategies, and industry insights.

Stay ahead of the competition with our expert tips, strategies, and industry insights. Discover how to attract, retain, and delight tenants with our comprehensive collection of educational articles on multifamily marketing.

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A Full Guide to AI Multifamily Lead Nurturing

Everything you need to know about how AI Multifamily Lead Nurture improves lead quality and conversions. If you were to interview fellow multifamily marketers who’ve worked with PERQ in recent months, you’d notice a common thread: shorter sales cycles, greater lead conversions and marketing ROI, while freeing up considerable hours… Read More

Amber Fugedi By Amber Fugedi

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Mastering Multifamily Lead Management

When it comes to mastering multifamily lead management, innovative technology can make the process smoother. There are two important pieces of lead management: lead generation, which comes from your marketing efforts, and lead nurture, which helps you keep your leads engaged and your property top of… Read More

Amber Fugedi By Amber Fugedi

A young woman sitting on a couch discussing apartment leasing tips for how to have an effective digital marketing plan.

Digital Marketing for Apartments: 6 Expert Tips

Marketing effectively for apartments looks quite different these days, thanks to fickle market conditions and new renter behaviors. As the multifamily landscape shifts under your feet, you’ve likely seen some past “best practices” in your marketing strategy fall flat, failing to produce the results they brought… Read More

Amber Fugedi By Amber Fugedi

PERQ multifamily chatbot answering questions on website

Best AI Chatbot for Your Apartment Community

Everything you need to know before investing in an apartment leasing chatbot. Automation and instant gratification. Those are the two demands that have been driving consumer buying behavior in the last decade. Wherever you go online, it’s no surprise that most businesses have an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot pop up… Read More

Amber Fugedi By Amber Fugedi

Couple receiving keys to their home with help of multifamily technology solutions

4 Benefits of Using Property Management Automation in Multifamily

Multifamily property management runs smoother with automation. Property management software for multifamily has seen a lot of different faces throughout the years. Recently we’ve gone from multi-option tour schedulers to virtual leasing and now property management software has evolved again with leasing AI. All of these different residential property… Read More

Amber Fugedi By Amber Fugedi


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