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Streamline Tour Scheduling

PERQ AI Tour Manager

Whether it’s in person, self-guided or virtual, PERQ handles scheduling, rescheduling, and appointment reminders. Streamline your appointment calendar with our integrated solution.

PERQ AI Tour Manager
Tours and Leases | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

More Qualified Tours and Leases

Offering simplicity in tour scheduling and making it easy for prospects to remember their appointments are critical pieces to converting leads to renters. PERQ’s automation schedules and manages your tours and all the communication around them.

Here’s How:


PERQ allows for self-scheduling a tour anywhere you offer it as a call to action (CTA) such as website, social media, Google Business Profile, and more.

Calendar Integrations

PERQ integrates with your system calendars to verify team members are available to ensure no double booking.


PERQ automates SMS and email appointment reminders and follow-up notes to save your team time from these mundane tasks.

Supports Multiple Tour Options

PERQ supports a variety of tour technologies including in person, self-guided and virtual thus allowing prospects to choose the option that best fits their preferences.

Ready to see PERQ?

PERQ’s AI marketing automation takes the work out of the tour scheduling.
More tours. More leases. Less work.