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Automated Nurture

Smarter Nurturing, Powered by Science

PERQ nurtures prospects from all your lead sources with a combination of SMS and email messages to entice conversion at just the right times across their rental journey. Powered by AI Nurture Science™, PERQ outperforms “one-size-fits-all” nurture. And, PERQ works to reactivate previously lost leads in the next rental cycle.

5 Perq 1 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant


2X your tours | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Team Efficiency

Remove the manual work of lead nurture and follow up from your team. Create efficient workflows that right size teams, allow more focus on high-value activities, and scale to achieve more.

6 Perq 1 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

More Relevant Communications

Send nurture touches that are more relevant and get to the customer at the exact right times with PERQ’s nurture AI that adapts content and timing of sends automatically based on all the info PERQ collects about prospects.

Higher Conversions

Double your conversion to tour and lease with nurture communication that outperform other technologies because PERQ’s touches are personalized to the prospect in terms of the timing, channel, and content.

Reduces cost per lead and lease | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Reduces Cost Per Lead and Lease

Drive down cost per lead and cost per lease and turn down spend on underperforming lead sources. PERQ’s increased lead capture from your website and conversion from all your lead sources reduces your need for paid leads. And, PERQ reactivates lost leads, automatically marketing to them in the next leasing cycle with no work from your team.

How it Works:

PERQ Nurture

PERQ’s Nurture Science is based on data. Trained by the conversion results from millions of consumer communications, PERQ Nurture Science delivers the exact content prospects need to move them along their rental journey. Once PERQ begins nurturing, it is always on the lookout for activity by each prospect and adjusts the nurture workflow accordingly.

More Formats

Every lead receives nurture messages from you in 3 different ways: SMS, plain text email, and branded email to increase visibility and the likelihood for the prospect to engage.

Fully Integrated Across Channels

PERQ uses visitor’s website behaviors to prompt them with personalized next best actions and welcome back messages. Further engagement with interactive experiences increases their understanding of your community’s features, elevates the overall prospect experience, and leads to more qualified leads and tours from your website without any work from your team.

Personalized Cadence and Messaging

The timing and content of the nurture sends dynamically adjust for each prospect based on all the info PERQ collects about them. Touches to a prospect with a move in window further out will have the touches spaced further than a prospect looking to move quickly. And, the content that’s delivered will be relevant to recent prospect activity or interests.

Nurture Database

PERQ knows when to discontinue outreach and uniquely holds onto lost leads in a database of “likely renters”, reactivating automated nurture outreach after a year has elapsed to recapture prospects’ interest around their lease expiration date. Maximizing the value of each lead in this way produces more leases with less newly paid for leads.

PERQ’s lead nurture alone is worth the cost of the tool, and we’re getting two other major features on top of that.

Christopher Bartlett
Director Marketing, CA Ventures

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PERQ, multifamily’s only truly personalized AI nurture technology, gives each rental prospect the content they need when they need it.