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Lead Generation & PPC Advertising

Smarter Advertising Strategy, Powered by PERQ

Fill units faster with a Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising strategy that optimizes your digital marketing campaigns on leading platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. PERQ’s proprietary processes and AI technology purpose-built for multifamily give us a unique edge at driving the right traffic to your communities at a lower cost per lease.

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PPC management packages come as a service or bundled with other PERQ offerings to unlock your highest potential for lease generation and lead management efficiency. Unlike other PPC offerings, the flat fee structure ensures our pricing always works to help you spend less.

Reduces cost per lead and lease | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Reduces cost per lease

While most apartment advertising strategies focus on cost per click, PERQ’s approach optimizes your funnel to get you a lower cost per lease. And, when you employ our complete marketing platform, you get an automated top of funnel marketing strategy that gets you more leases for less work and costs.

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Outperforms ILSs

Rather than a set it and forget it approach, PERQ’s PPC management dynamically adjusts to your market conditions. When a portfolio stabilizes, PPC spend can be adjusted, while other advertising approaches, such as ILSs, have contracts that prevent your digital marketing strategy from being nimble.

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Streamlines top of funnel

Capture more apartment seekers and move them to tour. When you use PERQ PPC management with the PERQ platform, you create a powerful lease magnet. PERQ’s interactive renter tools supercharge your ad conversion with premium content and calls to action, while our integrated tour scheduling and lead nurturing remove the need for team involvement, saving time and money.

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Marketing ROI focus

PERQ’s increased lead capture from your website and automated tour conversion from all your lead sources reduces your need for paid leads. Further, PERQ reactivates lost leads, automatically marketing to them in the next leasing cycle with no work from your team.

Here’s How:

Blended ad types

Leverages search ads and retargeting in combination to maximize conversion.

Varied creative and CTAs

Can be combined with PERQ’s interactive renter tools on your website to offer compelling CTAs with each and every impression that supercharge conversion to tour.

PERQ-powered attribution

Maximize your ROI on marketing with PERQ’s clear attribution tracking that helps you impact your overall marketing ROI by identifying underperforming lead sources and driving down cost per lease.

Reporting & Recommendations

Understand historical performance and get real-time marketing spend recommendations based upon occupancy and upcoming exposure.

PERQ’s profound understanding of the industry has significantly impacted our marketing strategy, particularly in reducing our cost per lease and minimizing our reliance on Internet Listing Services (ILSs.)

Their strategic insights and innovative approach have proven invaluable in optimizing our marketing. We’ve witnessed a substantial reduction in our cost per lease due to their ability to implement cost-effective, results-driven campaigns. Their dedication to improving our marketing ROI has been evident through the impressive outcomes we’ve experienced.

Tracey Tyler
CMO, Makaan Investment Group

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PERQ, the multifamily platform that helps PMCs achieve high occupancy with less work and cost can help you achieve top of funnel excellence.