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AI Lead Capture

More Leases From Your Website Without Added Work

PERQ captures more leads from your website using a menu of interactive digital tools that help visitors learn about your community in fun and engaging ways. The PERQ menu dynamically adjusts as a visitor moves throughout the website and, with each experience they complete, PERQ recommends a personalized next best action to maintain their engagement.

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3X leads | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Modern Digital Experiences

Impress website visitors with interactive, fun tools that educate rental prospects, prompt them to engage further, and remember them on repeat visits. And, you can leverage these tools as lead magnets on social, email, etc.

Higher conversions 1 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Higher Conversions

Get more qualified leads and tours from your website visitors without any work from your team. Encourage early-stage lead capture, engage every visitor no matter where they are in their rental journey, and let automation work them to tour conversion with no lift from your team.

8 Perq | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Lower Cost Per Lead and Lease

Sign more leases from your website visitors, thus reducing your need to spend on paid lead sources and driving down cost per lease. PERQ gets more leads from your website and works in tandem with PERQ’s nurture AI to convert them to leases at conversion rates you have to see to believe!

Prospect intelligence | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Prospect Intelligence

Collect valuable self-reported prospect data and put it to work in PERQ’s powerful personalized nurture outreach to prospects. The more you know about a prospect, the more PERQ can personalize the content and timeliness of nurture outreach and better sales interactions.

Here’s How:

Dynamic Menu

PERQ’s menu adds access to interactive and educational content tools to your website homepage, elevating and modernizing the consumer experience without having to build a new website. The menu changes as a visitor explores the website to help move them through their renters journey.

Interactive Tools

PERQ’s interactive experiences become native to your website and step website visitors through learning about your community in fun and engaging ways. Impress your visitors while also giving them access to the latest information about your community.


PERQ uses visitor’s website behaviors to prompt them with personalized next best actions and welcome back messages. Further engagement with interactive experiences increases their understanding of your community’s features, elevates the overall prospect experience, and leads to more qualified leads and tours from your website without any work from your team.


Your website visitors will enjoy a consistent brand experience powered by one AI platform. They’ll see the latest information available, presented the way you want, in every channel they engage with your community – whether it is in chat session on your website or google business page, on the website, or in a PERQ nurture touch.

Our website conversion rates went up, overall conversions went up, and our cost per lease went down because of PERQ.

Christopher Bartlett
Director Marketing, CA Ventures

Ready to Supercharge your Website?

PERQ is the only multifamily AI with website lead capture tools to delight visitors and deliver INSANE results!