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AI Leasing Assistant

The Ultimate AI Leasing Assistant Solution

PERQ goes beyond an AI leasing assistant and elevates multifamily automation to new heights with our top of funnel cross-channel marketing automation. Our proprietary blend of marketing tools gets better results than a leasing assistant.


3X leads | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

More Qualified Tours & Leases. Less Cost & Work.

Leasing Assistants chat, follow up on leads, and schedule tours. PERQ does all this and uniquely adds AI tools and performance to your website to capture more unpaid leads from your website. With PERQ you can automate your top-of-funnel and strategically market to your database to capture more leases with less work and cost!

Here’s How Our AI Leasing Assistant Works

AI Leasing Funnel | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Capture More Tours & Leases
Top of Funnel AI Automation

PERQ captures more unpaid leads and tours from your website, Google Business Profile, and telephone by combining the conversational AI for web, SMS and email with PERQ’s menu of interactive website experiences to educate and engage prospects. PERQ is the only leasing AI offering AI-powered website tools for lead capture.

4 Perq | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Build a Marketable Database
Automate Marketing to Database

PERQ is the only technology in multifamily that builds a database of the leads that aren’t yet ready to tour and works them using automated and personalized nurture outreach via SMS and email. For leads that don’t lease with you, PERQ also automatically begins to market to leads in the next leasing cycle, reengaging them and getting you more tours from unpaid lead sources without any added work from your team. This unique and data-driven marketing approach makes a PERQ’s AI assistant a cutting-edge solution for your multifamily property.

AI Nurture Automation | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Manage Leads from Every Source
AI Nurture Automation

PERQ integrates with your ILS lead sources and completely automates the nurture work on all your leads. Our nurture touches are personalized, meaning the cadence, content and channel of the touches dynamically adapt for each individual based on their preferences and behaviors. When leads respond, our conversational AI engages to answer their questions and requests, automating and streamlining the way you interact with prospects. And, when they’re ready, PERQ’s integrated scheduling tools allow them to self-schedule various tour types and sends appointment reminders and follow up notes.

Schedule Tours and Triage Leads | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Pass Only What’s Qualified
Schedule Tours and Triage Leads

When ready to speak with a member of your team, each lead is made accessible in your CRM via the PERQ Pass™ which includes every engagement, conversation, nurture touch, and website visit. The onsite team has visibility into the entire automated experience for each lead inside their CRM with no additional login or dashboard required for the onsite team.

Ready to see PERQ?

PERQ’s AI marketing automation reduces the work and costs of achieving high occupancy. More leases. Less work and cost.


What is an AI Leasing Assistant?
An AI Leasing Assistant is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to help property managers automate tasks, manage leads, and streamline the leasing process in the real estate industry, resulting in more efficient and effective operations.

PERQ’s Leasing Assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate time-consuming activities like answering questions, following up with prospects, and scheduling tours. Baked into the PERQ platform is AI with some important distinctions:

  • First, PERQ’s conversational AI is natural language processing (NLP), meaning it can understand and respond to questions written in natural language, as we touched on earlier. This provides a far better experience than “guided bot” technology, where a user has to choose from a list of topics, rather than type in the exact question they have.

  • Second, PERQ’s AI is machine learning, meaning it learns and improves over time. In addition, the PERQ platform also offers personalization capabilities for its automated nurture outreach, that adjusts nurture communications for each prospect and has intelligent lead handoff, knowing exactly when it is the right time to hand the lead off to a member of your onsite team.

What’s the difference between an AI leasing assistant and a chatbot?
The key distinction between an AI Leasing Assistant and a Chatbot lies in their functionality. While the term “AI leasing assistant” is often used interchangeably with “chatbot” in multifamily, not all AI leasing assistants are chatbots.

Chatbots can be categorized into two types: Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbots and rule-based chatbots.rnrnNLP chatbots are more conversational and adept at understanding natural language, allowing them to provide meaningful responses to prospect inquiries, even if the questions are not perfectly formulated.

On the other hand, rule-based chatbots follow a predefined workflow and prompt users to navigate through it, which can be frustrating for renters seeking specific answers outside the established prompts. PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant uses conversational NLP to improve the renter’s experience along with other marketing automation and personalization solutions.

Why is nurture personalization important?
The PERQ platform also has a website conversion module that instantly modernizes your website with interactive website experiences. This capability can be added to the PERQ Leasing Assistant to amplify its results. PERQ’s nurture outreach is personalized to the individual in three ways:

  • Cadence: The cadence of the touches are based on the prospect’s move-in window and changes when their plans do.

  • Content: The actual content of the communication is made more relevant by referencing the personal preferences of each prospect.

  • Channels: The channel the nurture is sent is based on consumer behavior and preferences.

When added to the PERQ Leasing Assistant, interactive experiences work as a secret weapon for the nurture personalization because they offer more free leads converted from the website as well as engaging CTAs that can be used in the nurture to further engage leads from any source. This way, you can get leads to engage in a tailored-made experience that, in our experience, can significantly increase leases.

What’s the experience of PMCs using PERQ’s AI Assistant?
Proof’s in the pudding, as the saying goes. It’s why PERQ offers a no-risk trial so PMCs and multifamily marketers can see for themselves what an AI Leasing Assistant can do for their business. Invariably, they come away shocked by the results they see in a short time.

Take CA Ventures, for instance. At the end of a 90-day pilot with PERQ for 10 of its properties, CA Ventures reported the following:

  • +226% average increase in lead-to-tour conversions for each pilot property.

  • 99% of tour scheduling was handled automatically by PERQ.

  • +157% average increase in website leads.

  • +1,002 hours of staff time saved, resulting in labor cost savings/reallocation of ~$20,000.

Laramar, which manages a portfolio of 150 properties, also ran a no-risk trial with PERQ. At the end of the three-month experiment, the Laramar team reported the following improvements:

  • -2,858 fewer hours spent managing leads, equating to $57,160 in payroll value.

  • 90.4% of tours were scheduled via PERQ, requiring zero human interaction.

  • +182% increase in lead-to-tour conversions.

  • +113% increase in website traffic to lead conversion.

  • $43,116 in savings or cost avoidance in lead generation (more leads generated from web traffic, plus more tours from nurtured leads).