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Property Management & Multifamily Podcast

The Bridge: A Property Management & Multifamily Podcast

With an endless amount of information available to prospects online, their shopping journey often begins far before they speak to someone in person. The Bridge is a property management podcast where we focus on real strategies from experts in multiple industries on how to “bridge the gap” between online and in-person.

Find the best episodes of our property management podcast and learn real strategies to develop your multifamily property.

ABCs of Digital Marketing: AI, Big Data, Customer Action

Get ready to talk the ABCs of digital marketing: artificial intelligence, big data, and customer action. On this week’s episode, Andy and Fabian chat with RJ Talyor of AI marketing firm, Pattern89. Learn why a company’s brick and mortar location should be seen as an attribute and how to ensure a brand’s digital presence leads to sales even before the customer visits. Like what you hear? Make sure to leave us a review and subscribe to The Bridge!

How to Increase Apartment Resident Engagement and Satisfaction

This week’s episode of The Bridge was recorded live from the National Apartment Association in Denver. Hosts Andy Medley and Fabian Rodriguez chat with Larry Bellack to discuss the development and success of Mobile Doorman, a mobile app that allows residents to communicate with their leasing company via smartphone. How can housing companies embrace the trends of their Millennial and Gen. Z residents? Learn the tricks and tools Mobile Doorman has adopted to increase apartment resident engagement and satisfaction.

How to Keep Generation Z Renters Engaged with Your Multifamily Property

Want to better understand your Generation Z renters? This one’s for you. In episode 6, Andy and Fabian discuss up-and-coming industry trends with Paul Bergeron, Editor-in-Chief at UNITS Magazine. The increased availability of smartphones and social media has prompted gamification and content-based interactions to reign supreme amongst the youngest wave of rental residents. In an era of technological accessibility, learn how customized, engaging content can help keep customers happy.

Sheehan Properties Caters to Potential Renters with Better Communication

In the premiere episode of The Bridge, Andy Medley and Fabian Rodriguez speak with Katrina Greene, the senior regional manager at Indianapolis’ Sheehan Properties, about consumer rental habits. Changing communication norms have created the need for companies to evolve in the way they engage with customers: how has Sheehan Properties embraced technology to cater to each and every potential renter? Listen to find out.

Embracing Data One Step at a Time

Imagine building a marketing team from the ground up and seeing that brand go public through the New York Stock Exchange. For Elissa Fink, this was her reality. As the former CMO of Tableau, business intelligence software that helps people better understand and embrace data, she led strategic planning and execution for its marketing worldwide.

In leading marketing efforts, having the ability to facilitate conversations to drive sales digitally is a necessity regardless of where the conversion takes place. During Elissa’s time at Tableau, and now as an advisor, a few lessons have stood the test of time.

You’ll hear the key lessons learned in the conversation with Andy and Muhammad. Elissa also shares how she embraced the many challenges presented from data but why you shouldn’t be scared to take the first steps. Listen in as she shares how you can stay nimble as a marketer, develop good relationships in and outside of your business, and how to start measuring the data to improve your business decisions:

Virtual Property Tours Are The New Way to Lease

The way multifamily communities connect with residents and prospective renters has changed within just a few short weeks. Virtual property tours have become a new way to lease.

In this special bonus episode of The Bridge Podcast, Muhammad Yasin hosts a panel discussion with video experts and multifamily industry leaders to discuss how the industry has adapted to virtual leasing since lockdown.

Jenna Miller, Senior Director of Marketing at Bozzuto; Margaret Henney, Director of Marketing with Covideo; and Matt Weirich, CEO and co-founder of Realync chat about video best practices and what property management teams can do to pivot to virtual property tours to get more leases.

Equipping Your Leasing Team to Provide the Best Customer Service

In the past 10 years, data has become a necessity in sales and marketing, not only for attracting buyers, but for retaining customers as well. In this episode of The Bridge Podcast, Andy and Muhammad talk with Desiree White and Colin Cloud, members of NE Property Management’s marketing team, and discuss how to train and align the marketing and sales teams to use data to personalize the leasing experience and provide the best customer experience.

Using Lease Automation to Manage Leads

Consumers started the transition to online shopping long before lockdown made it a necessity. With the influx of online leads, it can be challenging to manage all of the opportunities from the website while maintaining good relationships with customers shopping on-site. Lease automation, however, simplifies the process.

In this episode of The Bridge podcast, Andy Medley and former co-host Fabian Rodriguez talk with Robert Lee, Director of Operations Programming from as he shares his perspective on how to reduce the burden on the sales team through the power of lead nurture and automation.