Back to Basics: Digital Sales

You can buy anything and everything online. From cars to houses, apartments to furniture, there isn’t much that can only be bought in-store. When a customer comes in to browse, they don’t expect you to know what they are looking for until you ask them but that’s not the case online.


David Kain, founder of Kain, a digital sales training company, has been in the business since the early days of the Internet. He sat down with PERQ’s Co-Founder, Andy Medley, and EVP of Marketing, Muhammid Yasin, on The Bridge Podcast to discuss how he has mastered the art of digital sales.



Know the Journey


One of the most important parts of any sales conversation is knowing where the customer is. That starts by meeting them where they are online. “Knowing the customer’s journey on your website and being able to relay the exact information they are searching for — through email, phone call or text message — is important in winning the initial conversation,” Kain explains.


Using artificial and business intelligence tools will help you understand all the touch points of your customer’s journeys and make for a more prepared and qualified conversation later. What Kain has seen over the years is that the more convenient the conversations online are for the customer, the more likely they will come to your physical store or meet in person. The customer sees it as great customer service and will have an overall positive experience shopping with you but when is it appropriate to reach out for an online lead?



The Open Window


Cold calling is a pretty old sales technique that overtime has become slightly more irritating to customers. Kain explains that the reason is customers aren’t expecting the call and it could come through while they’re with family or busy.


This is where AI and BI tools come in handy. There’s a five minute window of opportunity after the customer shows interest or requests details. “That’s primetime,” according to Kain. The product is fresh on their minds and in that small window sending an email or text, whatever the preference is, with the details of what they are looking for is key. Be sure to let them know when you’re able to call or talk in person. A quick response at the right time will start the process on the right foot.


The main takeaways are to know your customer’s journey and all the exact details that an AI or BI tool can provide and respond quickly with the data you have. Digital sales is an art and it takes practice. Working on these skills and having the tools to do them will help you have more winning conversations and more deals closed.


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The Bridge Season Two Rewind

In this final episode of season two of The Bridge, we will take a trip down memory lane and pull the most important takeaways of each episode to help you take the next steps in your selling journey. 


This season has been nothing short of unexpected twists and turns as we figured out how to weather the pandemic. What started off as in-person recordings, quickly pivoted to Skype calls for the majority of our guests. What a blessing in disguise that was as we were able to meet and connect with so many amazing people. Thank you for sticking with us!


It was our goal this season to focus on sales and connect you with individuals who could provide insight on how to connect with shoppers online and transition the conversation and ultimately the sale, at an onsite physical location. We learned how to enhance the buying experience and with all of the world changes, pivot to a more virtual consultation and tour setting. 


We hope you enjoyed listening to season two and we can’t wait to bring you more laughs, conversations, and insight in season 3. Happy podcasting!


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Learning Sales Enablement: The Bridge Podcast

For many marketers, sales enablement is a newer marketing discipline. Irina Soriano describes it as the strategic use of people, processes and technology operating together to improve sales productivity and increase revenue. 


As the Head of Enablement for Seismic, she would know a thing or two about sales enablement. Seismic is the global leader in sales enablement providing storytelling platforms to increase productivity and effectiveness across sales and marketing. 


Learn from Irina as she breaks down the basics to this now fundamental discipline while giving listeners a plan to start. You’ll also hear how impactful it is to give back to the sales enablement community by networking and sharing ideas with other like-minded marketers and sales teams. 

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Key Takeaways to Learning Sales Enablement


  • Build a business case for sales enablement to secure a budget from stakeholders. 
  • Lean into those with sales enablement experience to foster your own growth. 
  • Start by focusing on one area of enablement at a time such as onboarding new hires.


Sales Enablement Resources


Sales Enablement Society

Sales and the City: Irina Soriano Blog

How to Run a Smooth Sales Technology Implementation




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Podcast: Embracing Data One Step at a Time

Imagine building a marketing team from the ground up and seeing that brand go public through the New York Stock Exchange. For Elissa Fink, this was her reality. As the former CMO of Tableau, business intelligence software that helps people better understand and embrace data, she led strategic planning and execution for its marketing worldwide. 


In leading marketing efforts, having the ability to facilitate conversations to drive sales digitally is a necessity regardless of where the conversion takes place. During Elissa’s time at Tableau, and now as an advisor, a few lessons have stood the test of time. 


You’ll hear the key lessons learned in the conversation with Andy and Muhammad. Elissa also shares how she embraced the many challenges presented from data but why you shouldn’t be scared to take the first steps. Listen in as she shares how you can stay nimble as a marketer, develop good relationships in and outside of your business, and how to start measuring the data to improve your business decisions:



Key Takeaways


  • Start understanding and embracing data by tracking one key metric then build over time.
  • Focus on why you started and why the company exists to power through challenging times. 
  • Ask good questions to uncover priorities and stay ahead of the subject matter. 




Using Lease Automation to Manage Leads

Consumers started the transition to online shopping long before lockdown made it a necessity. With the influx of online leads, it can be challenging to manage all of the opportunities from the website while maintaining good relationships with customers shopping on-site. Lease automation, however, simplifies the process. 


In this episode of The Bridge podcast, Andy Medley and former co-host Fabian Rodriguez talk with Robert Lee, Director of Operations Programming from as he shares his perspective on how to reduce the burden on the sales team through the power of lead nurture and automation. 



Prioritization of leads can be difficult and sales teams can’t be on the computer all day while prospects are coming in to tour. Lee explains how using data and lead scoring in automation allows properties to let the prospect “self-service” their research journey while also being able to tend to the customers who are visiting the property in-person. Both options allow the leasing teams to build the personal relationship with the lead and ultimately turn them into a lease. 


Check out this episode of The Bridge podcast now if you want to learn how to personalize the renting journey by using lead nurture and lease automation.


The Bridge is available wherever you get your podcasts including, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify. You can see all of the episodes, on your podcast app of choice by visiting this link.


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Virtual Property Tours Are The New Way to Lease

The way multifamily communities connect with residents and prospective renters has changed within just a few short weeks. Virtual property tours have become a new way to lease. 


In this special bonus episode of The Bridge Podcast, Muhammad Yasin hosts a panel discussion with video experts and multifamily industry leaders to discuss how the industry has adapted to virtual leasing since lockdown. 


Jenna Miller, Senior Director of Marketing at Bozzuto; Margaret Henney, Director of Marketing with Covideo; and Matt Weirich, CEO and co-founder of Realync chat about video best practices and what property management teams can do to pivot to virtual property tours to get more leases. 



The panel all agreed that with social distancing, leasing teams are learning to be more creative, throwing out fears surrounding virtual lease and connecting with rental prospects on a personal level. Miller noted that leaning into virtual leasing, such as pre-recorded or live video tours, has helped their properties see the same number of leases they were getting before COVID-19. 


Listen in as property management professionals and video experts share authentic ways to connect with prospects on this episode of The Bridge. 


The Bridge Season 2 is available wherever you get your podcasts including, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify. You can see all of the episodes, on your podcast app of choice, by visiting this link


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