perq is a team on a mission to save time for Multifamily teams!

Our AI Leasing Assistant is the only multifamily technology solution for short and long term nurturing of pipeline management. Our AI is constantly learning from millions of real-life consumer data points and getting smarter as it learns from prospect interactions.
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Who You Work With Matters

Our culture is built on creating opportunities for personal learning and advancement while making a meaningful impact on ourselves, team, and community. This team features some of the best and brightest in tech attracted from internationally known technology companies like Salesforce, Angie’s List, RentPath, Careerbuilder, and

Leasing teams are busy – welcoming prospects, preparing for tours, dealing with resident requests, packages, and so much more. The last thing they want is to spend time following-up on a prospect that is months out from being ready to lease an open unit. We build AI Leasing Assistants that take unresponsive and not yet qualified leads off of your team’s plate so that they can focus on everything else.

Quality, accountability, and teamwork are deeply rooted in our culture so we prioritize product development that makes the lives of our customers easier. We firmly believe in doing what we say we do vs. delivering empty promises. When you succeed, we succeed. Nothing less than that is acceptable.

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Meet the people who make PERQ special

Two Harvard Business School Alumni set out to untangle a big hairy problem in Multifamily

This leadership team has decades of combined experience building and creating innovative solutions to support consumers through major life-event purchases. Since beginning in automotive in 2008 and moving quickly into home furnishings shortly after, together, this team developed PERQ’s award-winning multifamily AI technology.

They have driven company growth in excess of 100% annually for the past five years while building a team of more than 75 employees across the country and maintaining best-in-class scores on customer satisfaction.

To provide the ultimate competitive advantage to our customers, PERQ’s team focuses heavily on playing well in the sandbox by integrating with multifamily technology solutions like website providers, CRMs, and single-point tools.


Learn about the product

Andy Medley

Andy Medley

Co-Founder & CEO

Scott Hill

Scott Hill

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Jacob Bracken

Jacob Bracken

EVP of Finance

Curt Knapp

Curt Knapp

EVP Technology

Muhammad Yasin

Muhammad Yasin

EVP of Marketing

Paul Champion

Paul Champion

EVP of Operations

These Five Core Values Guide the culture of our team

PERQ’s culture is the backbone of how we work. Our core values help us succeed in playing the game of business.

Group of People | PERQ Be a Good Teammate

BE A GOOD Teammate

First and foremost, at PERQ we have each other’s backs. That means being kind and supporting each other in and out of the office.

iPhone Showing Data | PERQ Know the Score

Know The Score

To go forward, we have to know where we stand in our game of business. We do this by keeping everyone up to date with transparent, cross department weekly company-wide meetings.

Innovate New Plays | PERQ playbook Icon


Our playbook is constantly evolving and we’re constantly finding new ways to support our clients through forward-thinking technology.

Dumbbell Weight | PERQ Continuous Improvement Icon


With ongoing training and personal development programs, we are constantly improving and striving to be better every day for our clients and for us. We are where we are because of our drive to be the best.

Cheering Microphone | PERQ Supporting Clients

MAKE Our Clients Happy

Whether its through our products or through conversations, everything we do is to make our clients feel supported and to make their lives a little easier.

Our Values explained by the kids of PERQ

You know that saying, “Tell it to me like a five year old”? Well, we asked the kids of PERQ to tell us what the PERQ Core values mean to them and the answers… well… pure gold.

We’re pretty sure these smart kids are coming for our jobs and we can’t wait to see what they contribute to the world.

Supporting you is always a perk

At PERQ, we’re a family. Taking care of our family means supporting you for a healthy work/life balance.

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Enjoy Quality Time Off

We value time to recharge. Employees earn up to 23 Paid-Time-Off days per year including 5 days specifically for December. 

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 Investing in You

Grow your career with PERQ. We provide quarterly trainings for your personal and professional development.

icon of open hand with heart over it | PERQ Company

Giving Back

Giving back has been part of our mission since day one. Employees get 8 hours of paid volunteer time annually to help serve the communities we live and work in.

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Staying Healthy

We offer health, dental and vision benefits as well as resources and training to help educate you on how to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

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Plan For The Future

Your life outside of work is important. From 401(k), maternity/paternity leave, short/long term disability, to life insurance, we offer support to help you have a healthy future.

The Latest News About PERQ

YOUr Journey To The Perfect Job Starts Here

Our culture is built on creating opportunities for personal learning and advancement while making a meaningful impact on ourselves, team, and community. Check out what positions we have open, and feel free to reach out of you don’t see the perfect position for you.