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Digital Marketing Platform for Multifamily

It’s time to reshape the way we think about leads in multifamily. Sure, automation can save work for your onsite teams, but what about the rising costs of leads?

It’s time to change your #1 source of leads.

PERQ is the only multifamily platform that combines data-driven PPC management, cross-channel conversational AI, follow up and nurture automation, lead reactivation programs, and powerful website and search tools to capture and convert more low and no cost leads and help you achieve occupancy goals with less work and cost.

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Tools Only PERQ Can Provide

PERQ’s cutting-edge digital marketing platform fills your funnel with low-cost and free leads and turns your marketing funnel into an automated lead-qualifying machine! PERQ manages your PPC and provides amazing interactive experiences on your website and Google Business Page to capture more free leads. Then, PERQ nurtures every prospect until it is ready to speak with a member of your team with automation that answers emails, texts, phone calls and chats.

capture | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant


Capture more leads from your website, Google business profile and PPC with PERQ’s proven approach to driving down cost per lead and lease. Wow visitors with interactive renter tools and content that capture their interest at the time of engagement.

build 1 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant


Tap into PERQ’s lead database to automatically reach out to leads that slipped through the cracks in previous leasing cycles. By reconnecting with these lost leads, we can make our new lead acquisition efforts more cost-effective.

nurture | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Follow-up and Nurture

Provide each lead with automated triggered follow up and personalized nurture with PERQ’s SMS and email nurture touches. Personalize the content, timing and channel automatically for each prospect based on PERQ-collected insights to supercharge conversion to tour. And, encourage prospects to jump into a chat conversation in any channel, at any time, all powered by PERQ’s conversational AI that answers prospects’ questions 24/7/365.

pass | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant


Hand off only agent-ready prospects to your onsite team and stop wasting time on “lookie-loos.” Check out all the PERQ activity straight from your CRM to keep it clean. Track lead source attribution, the renter’s journey, and understand the highest-converting lead sources with PERQ’s insightful reporting and analytics. Feed these insights back into your advertising strategy to drive down costs.

PERQ makes the team win more business because they’re getting good tours. And we also looked at average email response times and improved greatly for some of our properties. We had one that was over 2 days and is now responding to all their emails in under an hour.

Stacy Valentine
VP Innovation & Tech, Laramar

The PERQ Platform Delivers Powerful Impact to PMCs

Reduce advertising spend, ease staffing challenges, save time, and create a brand experience that’s perfectly suited for today’s digital renter.

2x icon | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Double Your Lead-To-Tour Conversion

PERQ converts contacts from your lead sources, paid & unpaid, to tour at a higher rate than before with our proprietary AI-powered nurture science.

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Reduce Your Cost-Per-Lead by 80%

PERQ engages and converts more website visitors to leads with our interactive website experiences, designed to move prospects along their journey. And, more leads from unpaid sources means less paid leads needed to achieve your occupancy goals.

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Get Clarity Into Source Attribution

Full-funnel attribution tracking and the insights PERQ’s multifamily marketing automation platform captures gives marketing important information to make better business decisions.


More leases with less cost and work.

Integrated Website, Google, Phone, Virtual Tour, Self-Guided Tour

3X Leases from Website

Increased Tour Conversion

Lower Cost Per Lead and Lease

Clean Source Attribution

No Training Required

Hundreds of Hours Saved

Full Leasing Journey Automation

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From our innovative technology to our amazing Client Success Team, find out why people love PERQ.

Build Your Winning Tech Stack

PERQ works alongside a growing list of your favorite multifamily industry tools, including: