Less work, more pre-qualified appointments for your team.

Generate more of your own website leads. Automatically nurture prospects who aren’t quite ready to close. Double the volume of qualified conversations delivered to your sales team with more profile data than they’ve ever had available before to craft the perfect onsite experience.

How PERQ helps its customers

Whether consumers are shopping for a car, apartment or furniture, PERQ have a solution for you.

I want to

increase engagement on my automotive website.

PERQ gave us better engagement with consumers. When you have better engagement, you turn more of those customers into an opportunity.

CJ Tychonski

Internet BDC Manager, Fuccillo Kia

I want to

get my online customers into my furniture store.

Using our website as a selling tool makes our sales teams’ lives easier. When people come in for their in-store meeting, we already know significant information about the customer’s furniture interests and needs.

Dani Daggenhardt

Digital Marketing Director, Steinhafels

I want to

Convert more online prospects into tours.

PERQ allows us to offer an enhanced experience for the customer online and provides us with the data of those interactions to help our teams build relationships. We have seen an increase in the number of appointments set.

Jenny Richard

Director of Marketing, Gene B. Glick

Integral to success

To give you the ultimate competitive advantage, PERQ integrates with a variety of technology solutions and website providers, while also partnering with businesses and organizations to help you succeed.

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