Social media marketing for apartments

Bringing your social media to life to help influence prospects in their leasing journey.

The human need to communicate mixed with advances in technology has led to the growth of social media. There are many platforms and apps that have secured themselves as staples like Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok. Each app has their own aesthetic and culture. Different videos can be used on multiple platforms, but the way you reach your audience varies between apps.


Social media takes a lot of time and effort to get right — and with today’s generation of renters, it’s essential to have. Social media marketing for apartments takes a lot of what you already do for your digital marketing efforts and puts it on platforms that reach your prospects in a more casual way. It’s also how you can build an image and make your property a fixture in the community.


On this page, you’ll learn techniques and tips to boost your social media presence to make more of an impact with prospects and with current residents. Apartment content is a hugely followed genre but most of the creators are either renters or amateur interior designers. This is an area of “influencing” that multifamily communities aren’t in right now. Over the course of 2021, there have been a handful of student housing companies entering this genre on TikTok and Instagram Reels.


This makes sense as they are trying to attract students who are using these apps, but these students will graduate and need to move to wherever they get a job or go to grad school. This is very representative of the buying habits of Gen Z adults, the oldest of which are 25. Let’s dive into how your multifamily property can use social media to boost your influence.

Using Social Media in Outreach Marketing for apartments

There are many apartment marketing blogs out there that touch on ways to make the most of your marketing dollars. When it comes to outreach marketing ideas for apartments, there are a lot of elements to it. From email marketing to becoming a fixture in the local community, outreach can take on many forms. This section will focus more on how social media can be used in your outreach marketing efforts.


Let’s start with the biggest one, email marketing. Email marketing is known to have the best ROI for marketing dollars. It’s no surprise really. Being able to send an email directly to a prospect’s inbox has a better chance of at least being opened.

What does email marketing have to do with social media?


This is a great medium to promote your social media to prospects. At the bottom of the email, include links to your different profiles. You can even have copy that encourages them to check out what life is like in your community through Facebook or Instagram. The content you create for your social media can also be used in your follow-

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up emails or even in your monthly newsletter to residents. This would look something like:

      • Using photos of the specific unit that prospect was interested in.
      • If the prospect has a pet, including photos of pet events or include a list of pet friendly activities in the local neighborhood.
      • If the prospect is new to the area, including links to posts your property has made reviewing local businesses and of residents at local events.

Social media can also be used as a way to promote not just your property but the neighborhood as well. After all, location is a huge influence when it comes to deciding where to move. Showing off what life is like in the neighborhood will have more of an impact than just having a list of places or an interactive map on your website.


Realtors tend to use this strategy on their own Facebook and Instagram pages. They’ll review local businesses, attend openings, and share events that are happening because it works. They know they aren’t just selling a house; they are also trying to sell the location as well. Multifamily companies touch on this on their website, but it really is lackluster. Be sure to hashtag your posts with the name of the local neighborhood. On Instagram, many users follow hashtags which allow photos that are posted under them to show up on their feed. This is a great way to end up on prospect’s feed organically and without paying for a promotion.

Property Management Social Media Ideas


Along with more content centered around the neighborhood, there are lots of other fun property management social media post ideas that you can use for your property:

      • Meet a member of the leasing team with a Humans of New York style caption.
      • Meet a resident with photos of how they decorated their unit and what they love about the property and community in the caption.
      • Pet of the month
      • Photos of resident events
      • Tips on decorating
      • Storage ideas
      • Renter friendly DIYs
      • How to put in a maintenance request

The best apartment Instagram posts and the best apartment Facebook pages aren’t ones that are made on Canva or are just a graphic of your different specials, floor plans, etc. They’re the ones that go beyond what is traditional for Instagram captions for apartment marketing and bring life onto the page. Your social media should reflect life at your property.

While the financial aspect of renting is important, there is also an emotional aspect to renting. It is going to be this person’s home for at least a year. If they have pets, kids, or are planning on having some in the future they want to see if the community is a fit even if it meets their budget. To keep up with this kind of property management Instagram posting is a lot of work. There are a lot of free and low budget options for social media scheduling platforms where you can create a property management social media calendar.


Assigning a designated member of the onsite team to take on the responsibilities of your property’s social media will also make it easier to the onsite team as it is someone’s designated task.


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