Property Management Marketing Strategies

Ideas and tips to empower multifamily marketers in their strategy.

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Property management marketing strategies are crucial to increasing your property’s lead conversion rate. Without a plan in place, your marketing can fall flat and be inconsistent enough to not catch a prospect’s attention. Having a marketing strategy plan in place will help everyone from higher management to the onsite leasing team stay on the same page in their messaging.  

Prospects first impression of your property will be from your website. Your property’s website is one of your biggest assets and if it is not utilized correctly, all that online traffic won’t convert into tours and eventually leases. Having high traffic on your website is great but if those shoppers don’t convert to a tour, then it’s a waste.  




“Our tools do a pretty good job of giving some transparency on customer info,” Jeannette Cox who is on the Board of Directors for the National Apartment Association explains. “We can look and say ‘okay, this contact came to us through this channel, these are the parts of the site they took most interest in, this is their contact information, this is how long they were on the site.’ But also, we can look at larger data points like our bounce rate or lead conversion. The details on reporting are really extensive, so we can look at individual customer data or on a larger scale across trends to understand the performance of our branding and what opportunities we have.” 

Investing in innovative tools and techniques that can seamlessly integrate into your marketing plan will help generate more qualified leads and increase revenue. Prospects want to engage with your property online, whether it’s your website or your social media pages. They want to be able to get a good understanding of what it’s like to live at your property before making the decision to come in and tour.

The need for Marketing Strategies for Property Management Companies

There’s over 89,000 Google searches in 1 second. That’s over 89,000 consumers searching and shopping every second. That number only gets higher every year, creating a lot of opportunity for your property management company to improve your digital marketing strategy and SEO efforts.  

SEO is not a task that can be completed once and forgotten about. It is ongoing and needs to be checked consistently to make sure your efforts are being used efficiently and getting the results needed. Ryan Cox, Digital Marketing Manager at J.C. Hart Company, advice to any property looking to improve their digital marketing is “No. 1, even if you have to hire outside to do so, do a comprehensive online customer audit of your residents and potential residents. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.” 

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Cox emphasizes that property management companies need to take a closer, more analytical look, at their consumer’s online purchasing habits as well as their likes and dislikes. “Just because you have a budget, doesn’t mean you’re spending it effectively,” he explains.

“If you’re just throwing money at [digital advertising] and praying, you’re doing it wrong.” Putting time and effort into your SEO will bring your property management company’s property websites higher up on Google searches and increase your website traffic. 

As prospects use technology to research as much information available to them online to help them find their next apartment, an incredible amount of personalized data is accessible to your property management company. Imagine having access to detailed and organized data on every prospect that interacts with your website at any point of any day.    

“It has significantly opened our eyes to how many current prospects will be reviewing a single community at one time,” says Caleb Bartlett, Digital Sales & Media Manager at Nolan Real Estate, on the website conversion software the multifamily company added to several of their property websites. “We see about 150 unique visitors to our individual websites each day, and PERQ has changed how we go about managing all of those qualified leads.” 

PERQ’s platform powered with AI technology can help guide the visitors on your property’s website and give them a more personalized and interactive experience. Integrating interactive touch points like a budget calculator or apartment must-haves or even explore the community with PERQ allows for more insightful data to be collected. These tools can give you a better understanding of how your property’s brand is received and understood by consumers.    

PERQ understands which leads are high intent and will automate lead follow-up and nurture allowing the leasing team to push marketing efforts from a property level. Marketing strategies for property management companies don’t need to and shouldn’t be solely focused on prospects. There should be focus on residents as well for resident retention and referrals. After all, word of mouth is a greatly underutilized tactic in a more digital age.   

Showcasing your residents and engaging them with your property on the property’s social media pages as well as showing it on the website will achieve that sense of home many prospects are looking for when searching for their next apartment. If they see current and past residents engaging with you online they will be more persuaded to tour and even sign a lease.  

Boosting your social media is a critical part of any marketing strategy for property management companies. This seems like a give-in but Millennials and Gen Z are the new generation of renters and they do look at Instagram and Facebook pages for properties they are interested in.  

Have residents send in photos or even a video of how they decorated their unit so prospects can see more than just the staged model. Staged models aren’t lived in, seeing the space decorated by residents who are actually living in it gives it more authenticity and makes your property feel more attainable. When a prospect is ready to tour, they will have more than just one idea of how the floor plan they are interested in can look.   

Marketing strategies for property management companies needs to cover all the bases while simultaneously collecting data on potential prospects. Emphasizing your SEO efforts is crucial to getting your property on that first page of a Google search. The higher up your website, the more traffic you’ll get. Utilizing your property website and integrating technology that seamlessly creates interactive experiences for online consumers while providing personalized data that is accessible to the leasing team will convert that traffic into more qualified leads to signed leases.  

Evolving Property Management Marketing

Property management marketing has changed a lot over the years. The days of Yellow Pages and radio ads are long gone. In today’s world, there is no business that can survive without digital marketing. Digital marketing can seem like a huge mountain to climb for many property management companies that already have established marketing strategies from years past. From having to research new innovative strategies to finding the right technological solutions that produce results, digital marketing for property management companies will make your communities stand out from competitors, help you get a foot through the door in new markets, increase your lead conversion rates, and improve your ROI. 

We can’t talk about digital marketing without talking about the importance of keywords. Understanding the basics of keywords and how they can improve your marketing efforts is crucial. So what are keywords? Keywords simply put are the words that your prospects are putting into a search engine like Google. Identify which keywords are most relevant to your property’s website and content. Once you know which keywords to hit, you can begin to tailor your marketing and advertising to hit these keywords.  

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It might seem unnecessary, but this is how you get your property management companies properties’ websites higher up on Google. No one wants to be on the second page of a Google search, especially when your competitors are on the first. It’s not enough just to know who your competitors are, it’s important to analyze their digital marketing too. 

Start by seeing how high up they are in your keyword searches. Are they doing better than you or are they lower? Are they also struggling in the same keywords or are they excelling? Go to their website and sign up for their newsletter if they have one. How frequently do they email those out? What content is on them? What content is on their website? Is there a blog? How active are they on social media from the property management company to the individual properties? 

These are all important questions to answer so you can compare and see how your property management marketing holds up to theirs. The point of this comparison isn’t to copy them. What works for them might not work for you but it’s a way to see where and what you need to improve and the gaps you need to fill in your marketing plan.   

Your efforts in property management marketing will mean nothing if your online reputation is bad. Reviews are so important in a prospect’s search for their next home. Adding testimonials to your website and on your social pages is a great way to build up your online reputation. Outside of your own online domains, get your properties listed on review sites and be sure to reply to both positive and negative reviews. Prospects will see how you interact with current and past resident concerns and it will be a factor on whether or not they choose to tour and eventually sign a lease. 

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Another great way to make your online reach spread farther is by getting interviewed and featured in local newsletters, online personalities, and podcasts. Many newsletters are emailed or made available through Facebook and Instagram. Getting your property featured will show up when a prospect is searching and strengthen your online reputation. They will see other people talking about you and be more inclined to see for themselves what everyone is talking about. 

This can also happen through a referral program. Current residents know what it’s like to live at your properties. They are the biggest tell to whether or not a prospect will sign a lease. If they know a current resident who is having a hard time living at your property than they won’t want to consider it even if your online reputation is glowing. They’ve heard someone with firsthand experience there and that is more credible and reliable 

A referral program is a great way to incentivize current residents to encourage people they know to live at your property and to leave reviews/give testimonials that express how they love living there. It also can keep your turnover rate low and if you choose, give current residents a deal on extending or resigning their lease, and make residents feel more at home in your community simply because they know more people who live at the property now. Property management marketing encompasses a lot and yields great rewards when used to your advantage. It’s surprisingly easy to fall into a mundane plan for your marketing efforts but you need to be working and analyzing your marketing to make sure it is working for you and not wasting your time and money. 

Property Management Marketing Ideas

There are lots of fun and creative property management marketing ideas that will make your property’s online presence one that prospects won’t forget. From interactive features on the website to your social media presence, digital marketing for property management companies can help you convert your online traffic into qualified leads and more leases signed.  

A property management marketing idea that is often brought up yet somehow still underutilized is social media. There are endless ways to up your social media presence and place your property on the platforms your prospects are using. It’s a great tool, often low budget, that generates candid casual conversation with prospects and residents alike.  

Take a good look at your property management company and your individual property pages. Do you have a content marketing plan set in place? What a lot of people outside of the marketing sphere don’t realize is how much planning and strategizing goes into social media content. Every post, every caption has a purpose.    

Content ideas for property management marketing should range from resident life to the local businesses around your property to featuring your own leasing team. You can encourage residents to showcase how they’ve set up their units and tag your accounts. You can then re-share and repost them. This will give you more authentic and relatable photos of your units than any photo of a staged unit in your gallery on your website. Prospects can see on your feed or in your tagged photos how a floor plan actually looks when people are living there. There’s a level of functionality that is present in the photos from residents than there is in the staged photos.  

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Don’t forget about your furry residents either! According to PERQ data, 1 in 3 renters nationally own a pet. Highlight the pets that call your property home through a pet of the month post or if they have their own Instagram account, have them tag your property in photos where they are in their home or on the property. 

Photos are great but short videos captivate an audience and is a great way to really bring life to your content. You can make videos about a day in the life as a resident or as someone on the leasing team at your property, a tour of specific floor plans, or even videos of how community amenities are used.  

Life in your community isn’t restricted to your property, it includes the local neighborhood as well. Work with local businesses to plan resident events and give them a shoutout on your social media. From local coffee shops to bars to plant shops, your property’s social media should show a whole picture for the prospect. Not only will local prospects be interested but there are out-of-state prospects who might not be able to come see the property in person. Your online presence is crucial for the situations where in person tours and conversations can’t happen.  

Property management marketing ideas don’t just end with what kinds of content you can make. It includes knowing the optimal time to post and working with hashtags and related accounts to ensure that your account is visible to a wider audience.  

With the actual content ideas said, there needs to be someone in charge of making it happen and keeping your social media active. Social media is an everyday task that can’t be an afterthought in your property management marketing ideas or plan. It needs to be checked daily and you need to keep a consistent posting schedule. It’s very outdated and off-putting to prospects when they find your Facebook or Instagram and see that you haven’t posted in months or even years.  

Property management marketing ideas can be as simple as posting a pet of the month or more technical like optimizing keyword searches and getting your property ranked higher up. Both are important to property management marketing and both are needed to succeed. If your property doesn’t turn up on the search page it will be obsolete to the prospect but when it does, your online presence from your website to your social media needs to be interactive and up to date. 

Perfecting Marketing for Property Management

Marketing for property management companies that is well thought out in it’s content, has a strong SEO plan, and uses tools to help analyze and convert website traffic is going to have a lot more signed leases and a better ROI. 

If you don’t optimize your property websites for search, online prospects won’t be able to find your property through organic searches. Property management marketing that uses SEO involves utilizing relevant keywords to find your property, optimizing your property website to those keywords, and involves backlinking on your website.

Keywords are how prospects are searching for your property. In order to optimize your property website in SEO terms, you need to use those keywords in the written content on your website. Your homepage should have your main keywords in the headline and throughout the other written content. The secondary keywords you are trying to hit need to be on the subsequent pages of your website. 

Knowing the keywords you are targeting is not only great marketing for property management and for SEO but it helps with creating content on your website that is made to be found through an online search. This doesn’t mean to only use your keywords or to have them in every other sentence. Google will penalize your site and all that work will be for nothing. The rule of thumb is to keep keywords at 1 – 3% of your written content. 

That does mean you need to use backlinking and internal linking to help avoid this penalization. Both internal and external links will help grow your property management website’s search engine rankings and make your property relevant to online prospects. If you have a blog or news section on your website you can link to relevant posts. 

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Online prospects have found your property website in their search. After all the work put into perfecting your SEO strategy, your website is going to have to keep them interested and not scare prospects away. The design of your website needs to be easy on the eyes, interactive and informative. 

All of the imagery, including any and all videos, needs to be high quality. Low quality imagery will reflect badly on the image of your property in a prospect’s mind. Include an “About Us” section with bios and photos of the onsite staff from the leasing team to the maintenance workers. This will help prospects get to know the people they would potentially be interacting with for questions and concerns. 

The “Contact Us” and links to social media should be visible and easy to find and include your phone number and email address. Include testimonials throughout your website with relevant imagery alongside it.  

Integrating tools that work seamlessly on your website to collect and organize the data that is given from the prospect like floor plans and price ranges will help your team focus on qualified leads and put their energy into what they do best, getting that lease signed. 

Creating content just to make and have content isn’t going to work. You want to create content that is specific to the demographic you are trying to hone in on, whether it’s landlords, investors, or prospects. There needs to be purpose and a reason to the content that is on your website and on your social media feed. 

Your content needs to be able to answer the questions that your online visitors have without them asking. This is where you can be creating in marketing for property management. You can answer their questions through educational videos, podcasts, or create infographics to share on your website and on your social media.  

With a solid SEO strategy and a website that is giving your online visitors what they are looking for, you’ll see an improvement in your web traffic conversion and in your ROI. Marketing isn’t something that should be put on the back burner, it should be looked at every week, month, and quarter. It needs to be evaluated so you can see if your money is being wasted on strategies that aren’t showing the growth you are looking for.

Property Management Advertising

Property management advertising is under the umbrella of marketing and while the two intertwine every so often, advertising has its own unique aspects. For example, advertising means buying ad space but the ads you make need to have those keywords you’ve identified as part of your SEO strategy in your marketing plan.

When you begin advertising, you need to know what you want to get from it. Is it more leads, a higher conversion rate, all of the above? Similar to how all of your content needs to have a purpose, so do the ads you put out.  

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Investing in ads, whether through Google or Instagram, is a great way to get your property management company in front of an online prospect. Choosing the right keywords is important in whether or not your ads will be successful or not. After identifying which keywords you want to target they need to be incorporated in the text on the ads.

Once you’ve got the ads, they need to lead somewhere. This is where pay-per-click (PPC) advertising factors in. Creating landing pages that are specific to the keywords targeted in the ad will serve up relevant content that the online prospect was looking for. This goes back to the point of answering their questions before they even ask them. After all, if you can answer their questions before the first initial conversation it will lead to more qualified leads.  

These landing pages need to be built to optimize keywords as their whole purpose is to have somewhere to lead the online prospect to. Your competitor are most likely already doing this and if by chance they are not, this is a great area in your advertising to improve on and be a leader in. 

The advertising landscape has changed for property management a lot in the last few years and it can be daunting to try to create new innovative ways to reach your targeted demographic especially when the old ways did work at one point. 

“I think people are afraid of change. For some who have been in the business a while – even industry leaders – they have been successful at this prior to the focus on online marketing. They’re used to the traditional practice of selling over the phone, but newer generations don’t shop that way. There may be a bit of ‘I don’t know what that [technology] is,’ but the customers are ready to use it’” explains Jeannette Cox, who sits on the Board of Directors for the National Apartment Association. 

This is why there is a push to use SEO and keyword marketing for property management advertising. Technology solutions  like PERQ’s online guided shopping will make your property websites more engaging and providing you and your team with better quality leads. Online prospects will be getting a more personalized experience on your site that’s related to what they were searching for and answering their questions as they are on the site taking in all of your content.  

Property management advertising needs to be included in your property management marketing budget. Without digital advertising, your property management website and individual property websites will be harder to find and not informative enough to prospects. Investing in advertising will help increase your website traffic to lead conversion numbers, get you more qualified appointments, and increase your ROI.  

Strengthening your digital presence involves all of these different aspects of marketing. Many of these things can be done through external companies or you can invest in technology that will help with making your website more engaging and interactive while collecting data you need for follow-up and more candid conversations.

How PERQ can help you with Property Management Marketing Strategies

A property management marketing strategy that will make you stand out from the crowd is PERQ’s lead generation and automation platform powered by AI. This platform includes an AI Leasing Assistant improves operational efficiency and profitability by increasing lead conversion, saving leasing specialists hours of work, and collecting better data in the leasing process. This is done through combining a chatbot, lead conversion widgets, and automated follow-up to give properties a complete omni-channel solution that is easy to implement with no technology or process change.

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Our platform helps property management companies with their marketing efforts as it centralizes all the data it collected from the online prospects journey on your website. It uses that data for cleaner follow-up that is timed to be released with the given move-in timeline and allows for leasing teams to make better decisions around messaging, amenities, and marketing channels. With PERQ on your property website you will give see a 2x – 4x increase on qualified leads and a 40% increase on tours and lead-to-tour conversion

What makes PERQ different from other chatbot or follow-up choices is that our solution is an “all in one” platform. By combining single point solutions, the AI Leasing Assistant platform cohesively addresses all phases of the leasing journey to increase overall results and deliver a better renting experience that is much more cost effective to the community.

Don’t just take our word for it. Dalia Kalgreen, Director of Marketing at Unified Residential Management uses PERQ at her communities as part of her property management marketing. She says, “what PERQ has done for our business since the pandemic is just tremendous. I feel that way based on numbers, the actual data and it’s just, it’s good. You’ve just made my life a lot easier and it’s made me want to involve you more and more in my marketing plan.”

Want to involve PERQ in your property management marketing plan or talk to someone about adding PERQ to your tech stack?