Outreach Marketing Ideas for Apartment Communities

We talk a lot about apartment marketing ideas on our blog. A lot of it includes aspects of digital marketing. While that is important and shouldn’t be neglected, there are some outreach marketing ideas to help make your multifamily and apartment community a permanent fixture in the local neighborhood.

Some ways you can do this include:

  • Partnering up with local businesses
  • Resident events
  • Working with volunteer organizations

Partnering up with local businesses

In another blog post we discussed how creating a neighborhood/city guide on your website was a great way of making your website the hub of information for what’s what in your community and increase your local online search visibility. Partnering up with local businesses is also a great way to do some outreach marketing to the locals in your community and build good relationships within the community.

You can work a deal with them where residents get a discount at their store or restaurant. On certain “National” holidays like “National Beer Day” or “National Cookie Day”, giving residents a taste of some of the local beer or offering cookies from the local bakery/coffee shop. You can even blog about these events and reviews of the businesses to add to your website to help prospective renters, especially out-of-town ones, visualize the neighborhood and what it is like in your community.

Leveraging Resident Events

This is a mix of partnering up with local businesses and working on resident satisfaction. When you have a resident event, work with a local business to have a pop-up at the event. They can set up a table of their products, clothes, or whatever else they sell during the event. It’s a great way to give them some exposure and give residents a unique experience.

Be sure to take photos/videos to promote the event on your social media and as a recap. This will help add variety to your feed and make your profile stand out from other multifamily communities.

Working with volunteer organizations

Being a part of the community means helping keep it clean and giving back. Encourage your leasing team and residents to sign up for community clean-ups or joining a community garden. It’s a great way to give back, meet others in the community, and build relationships with residents outside of the property.

Another way to give back is doing donation drives to local charities or during back to school season. Outreach marketing will help build trust between your property and the locals. Establishing yourselves as a fixture of the community will help your reputation both on and offline. With warmer weather on the way, there are lots of opportunities for different forms of outreach.