Digital marketing for Apartments

How to have an effective digital marketing plan for multifamily communities.

Digital marketing for apartments is crucial. Between 2015 – 2019, over a million new multifamily units were built in the US (source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2015 -2019 Survey of Market Absorption of New Multifamily Units). That’s a lot of competition, and if your property isn’t as new, that means having to go up against modern and updated units as well. This is where having some good marketing ideas for apartments comes in handy.


Digital marketing has a lot of components to it. You need to have consistent content that is unique to your brand and voice while optimizing it so it can be found by search engines like Google, and if done right, ranked higher up on the page organically. After all, who goes to a second page of a Google search, much less a third or fourth? With new apartment and multifamily communities going up every single day, the market is saturated, and prospects have a lot to choose from.


On this page we will go into different strategies to make your marketing plan for leasing apartments more effective. Each section is geared toward a different aspect of marketing and towards a different challenge as well. There are sections on apartment marketing ideas 2021 to sections on apartment marketing during COVID and how that has and will affect your marketing efforts. We will get into how to get the most out of your website, increase your traffic conversion, and how to handle the increase in online leads without overworking the onsite staff. We also will touch on social media and what you can do to make your property have a bigger and more impactful digital footprint. Let’s dive into outreach with both prospects and the local community. Follow-up messaging is very important in turning a lead to a signed lease and becoming a fixture in the local community is crucial especially with so many rental units being built.

Marketing Plan for Apartment Complex

Complex is not the word we like to use in multifamily and for good reason. It sounds so stiff and almost industrial. Who wants to live somewhere that sounds stiff? Calling multifamily communities’ “communities” and not “apartment complex” in the industry is not only because it sounds more appealing but it’s because it is a reminder of what you are selling.


Multifamily units are home to many people and the emotional aspect of renting tends to get lost in a lot of multifamily marketing. It’s strange since inside of the industry at panels and events, we focus so much on community yet multifamily marketing tends to not focus on that as much. Yes, you need the financial information and all the unit/gallery photos. Those are a must. But the rest of your marketing can be about selling home in the way realtors have grasped.


Outreach marketing ideas for apartments to help with this include having your automated follow-up messaging be more personalized to the property and the prospect. With PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant, it gathers insightful data on the prospect’s time on your website, chats with them 24/7, and brands your follow-up emails in your property’s colors and uses your brand voice. This personalization gives you an edge over your competitors and stands out in prospect’s inboxes.

Apartment marketing Ideas 2021

After many months inside and away from people, there is a want for event ideas for apartments in 2021 that are both in person but also virtual. While people are seemingly wanting to get back into the swing of things, going to events recently has shown that a lot of people also aren’t ready to go back to no virtual events. That is why in 2021 and beyond, it’s important to try and do both.


Fall marketing ideas for apartments this year are trending towards this. Events are all about resident retention. If you are finding it hard to get people to attend, try sending out a survey or questionnaire for residents to fill out about what they would like to see as far as events go. This is a great way to cater your property’s events towards what the residents actually want. Not everyone is interested in cookouts, especially if you end up with a heavily plant-based resident pool.


Some ideas for events that can be done virtually include happy hour, book/podcast club, bingo, trivia, or invite a speaker who can teach residents a signature cocktail or dish and provide those who rsvp the kit to make it. Here at PERQ, we’re a completely remote company. A monthly activity we have is True Crime Tuesday, where we all discuss a specific case / podcast episode. All of these things can also be done in person but don’t get rid of virtual events just yet. A lot of people enjoy doing things from the comfort of their couch and lifestyles have changed.

Apartment marketing ideas during covid

It’s a little bittersweet thinking about how in January there lots of articles and blogs were centered around apartment marketing ideas 2020 with no clue that in a few months everything would start to change drastically. There aren’t a whole lot of new things to say at this point when it comes to outreach marketing ideas during COVID. This is where having the AI Leasing Assistant mentioned earlier comes into play.


During COVID, the multifamily industry couldn’t just stop. People were still moving in and out regardless. We’ve seen consumer buying habits change towards automation and instant gratification as well as preferring complete online experiences. You can even buy a car and trade your old one completely online. The AI Leasing Assistant is a great solution to this. We have a few blog posts already about what leasing AI can do for your outreach apartment marketing ideas during COVID.


Other marketing ideas for apartments during COVID-19 is to lean into video platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Apartment related content has over a billion views on both platforms individually. From decorating tips to move-in/out days, this is an area that multifamily communities should be making content for. You can even create videos on how to send in a maintenance request or happy move-in day videos. You can still build relationships with residents while doing it virtually. Video content is something that multifamily needs to be doing seeing as it has a huge interest with renters today.

Apartment Leasing strategies

Marketing ideas for luxury apartments are slightly different than some of what we’ve talked about. For starters, if you are going to lean into video content, it needs to be more polished and have the high quality, professional feel to it that matches the luxurious units you are renting. Everything needs to read the same aesthetic otherwise it will fall flat and those luxury apartments won’t come across as worth the price.


Marketing ideas for lease up properties need to focus on keeping residents happy during their time there. Millennials have the lowest rate of homeownership compared to the generations before them which is no surprise given the challenges of the last few decades. Many in this generation believe that they will always be renting if not, the reasons for homeownership are wanting space for their dogs. This means that you need to make sure your marketing includes a pet friendly angle.


Showcase the dog parks nearby, the grassy areas close to the property, etc to show that it’s a place for dogs to live comfortably as well. If you have competitive pet policies, like no pet rent, emphasize that as much as you can. 1 in 3 renters nationally have a pet so having some of your marketing geared towards pet owners is important. For more information on marketing and multifamily, check out our resources in the footer and in our blog. You will find everything from SEO to the newest tech solutions.