Unified Residential Hired PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant to Improve Lead-To-Tour and Reduced Operational Cost

Unified Residential, like most multifamily companies, saw a dramatic increase in online leads while having limited onsite team members because of the pandemic. Dalia Kalgreen, Director of Marketing, knew she needed to find a solution that would increase their operational efficiency while still maintaining a personalized, high-touch experience for prospects. Kalgreen decided to hire PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant Solution to her leasing team to help with lead management and follow-up. The results speak for themselves

Unified increased website conversion by 3x, lead-to-tour to 83.84%.

Before hiring the AI Assistant, Kalgreen estimates that Unified Residential property websites were converting about 2% of traffic. With PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant working to convert online traffic on Unified’s property websites, rental prospects now have more ways to get their questions answered while being able to interact with the property 24/7. They aren’t forced to wait for business hours to get the information they are looking for. After 60 days with the AI Leasing Assistant, Unified’s property websites were converting traffic to records at 6.26%.

Keeping online visitors engaged and nurturing casual website visitors over text message and email, Unified is seeing more qualified leads and tours, with less distractions. “It takes a lot of time for your leasing team to sift through what we call ‘looky-loos,’ when they could be working on more serious leads,” says Kalgreen. Across Unified’s portfolio, the AI Leasing Assistant sends an average of 325 leads per month to Unified properties; of that, 83.84% had already scheduled a tour.

Cecilia Smoyer, Assistant Property Manager at Unified’s Karric Place of Dublin says, “PERQ leads are more reliable since they screen people beforehand and write down exactly what they want. PERQ leads are the ones where the people are interested in setting up a tour and talking to us.”

Improved closing rates across channels

Along with turning their websites into more engaging ones and converting prospects, PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant works on multiple marketing channels, such as ILS, with direct experience links and the ability to text the AI Assistant 24/7

With an AI leasing Assistant available across multiple channels Dalia is able to ensure that her entire pipeline of prospects, no matter the move-in timeline, are getting their questions answered in less time and in the easiest way possible. What they’re finding is; “everybody loves texting.” Once prospects find out they don’t have to talk to a person to get the answers they need, prospects are saying “ ‘if I can just text you and do this, we’re doing it that way.’ ”


Better data proves efficiency for Kalgreen

Real-time reporting makes it easy for Dalia to review the performance of her AI Leasing Assistant, just like any other member of her team. “The data and performance I’m seeing from the PERQ Assistant is profoundly valuable, my team is working more effectively and I get easy reporting to prove it.”

Unified Residential Results

Unified Residential Results chart