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Stay ahead of the competition with our expert tips, strategies, and industry insights.

Stay ahead of the competition with our expert tips, strategies, and industry insights. Discover how to attract, retain, and delight tenants with our comprehensive collection of educational articles on multifamily marketing.

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6 Apartment Marketing Techniques

Five practices to enhance your apartment marketing performance Among the traits that high-performing apartment marketers share is a penchant for continuous experimentation, with constant tweaks and incremental improvements adding up to big boosts in performance. In this resource, we’ll explore five apartment marketing techniques or practices you would do… Read More

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How Can You Advertise an Apartment for Rent

Everything you need to know about Advertising Apartments. In today’s world, advertising apartments and multifamily communities has changed significantly. Marketing and advertising as industries themselves are constantly adapting to shifting markets and consumer wants and needs. Advertising apartments is exactly how it sounds, advertising an apartment or multifamily… Read More

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Multifamily Marketing Strategies

In today’s world, multifamily marketing has changed significantly. For those who might not know, multifamily marketing is the practice of using multifamily marketing strategies to advertise communities such as apartment buildings and condo complexes. PERQ specializes in converting more online prospects into tours, helping property managers and leasing agents… Read More

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How to Find the Best Property Management Software

Optimizing the business operations and processes of your multifamily property can be key to staying ahead of competitors and offering a solid and personalized experience to your potential and current renters. In the digital era, property managers rely on software solutions to support that work, but how do you find… Read More

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How to Elevate Your Multifamily Website Design

With over 70% of apartment shoppers starting their search online, your multifamily website design plays a pivotal role in shaping that all-important first digital impression. Good design can also help you seamlessly capture data about prospective renters, and attract quality residents. Beyond aesthetics, your website must offer… Read More

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