Multifamily Marketing Strategies

Inside look into an apartment leased using multifamily marketing strategies

In today’s world, multifamily marketing has changed significantly. For those who might not know, multifamily marketing is the practice of using multifamily marketing strategies to advertise communities such as apartment buildings and condo complexes. PERQ specializes in converting more online prospects into tours, helping property managers and leasing agents generate more leads while also boosting their conversion rates.

Today, consumers have higher expectations and are more educated than ever before. Therefore, they are looking for something very specific when they are trying to find a new home. When it comes to multifamily marketing, most individuals and families are going to start their search online. These are a few key examples to keep in mind:

  • Leverage Social Media:  One of the best ways to engage with prospects is to meet them where they are – social media. Lots of prospective residents are using social media to find their next home.. While multifamily communities do not need to have a profile on every platform, it’s a good idea to start on Facebook and potentially Instagram. A strong and creative multifamily social media marketing strategy will drive prospective residents to the property website, increasing traffic, generating leads, and converting them into leases.
  • Optimize the Website: It’s really important to have a strong website as a property management company. Since many prospective residents start their apartment search on the internet, websites act as digital storefronts for multifamily communities. Therefore, all websites need to follow the best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience. This means keyword research, strong headings, regular content, local listings, and updated images and videos. This will help multifamily communities rank highly in search results to drive more traffic.
  • Update Images and Videos: All property managers must make sure that there are high-quality and regularly updated images and videos on the community website. Those who are looking for an apartment or a condo want to see what a unit in the building might look like before considering touring. Ideally, there should be videos that highlight the unique features of the multifamily community. Be sure to also post recent images and videos of some of the common areas and communal amenities. This might include the gym, the pool, the lobby, and any conference rooms.

Marketing Strategies for Apartments

It’s important to have a well-rounded approach when creating multifamily marketing strategies for apartments. The wider the net a multifamily community can cast, the more leads they are going to generate and the more leases they are going to get signed. This starts with a strong digital presence.

Some of the advantages of PERQ’s multifamily marketing tools include:

  • PERQ is known for leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence technology to optimize a website to create the right opportunities for prospective residents and visitors to engage. The more the website can build a strong, personal connection with prospective residents, the warmer the leads are going to be. The result is going to be a higher conversion rate.
  • PERQ’s multifamily marketing tools also leverage Google Analytics. When it comes to multifamily marketing, it is important to know what’s delivering results and what isn’t. That way, multifamily marketing strategy campaigns can be adjusted to deliver the strongest results possible.

Of course, it is also important for multifamily communities to find ways to conduct other outreach campaigns as well. For a multifamily community, there are a few key opportunities that should be at the top of the list for apartment marketing in 2020. These include:

  • Build Business Relationships: Partnerships could help you spread the word about your complex. Typically, partnering with other local businesses can provide a great opportunity to tap into a new audience.
  • Provide Community Incentives in Exchange for New Leases: It’s a good idea to provide new residents with incentives in exchange for new leases. While a reduced security deposit or a free month are common ideas, it could also be helpful to provide them with gift cards from local businesses or even access to movers who can expedite the moving process. This could be the last push that leads need to sign on the dotted line.

These are just a few of the top outreach ideas that property managers and leasing agents might want to consider to boost their conversion rates. These ideas can work synergistically with a strong digital marketing and social media campaign to develop strong, personal connections with prospective residents, keeping occupancy rates high from opening through lease-up phases, and helping create a happy, harmonious multifamily community.

Apartment Marketing

In a highly-digital world, it is critical to come up with a strong apartment marketing plan. This means finding a professional multifamily marketing agency that leverages the latest tools and techniques in the field to help multifamily communities reach as many potential residents as possible. When looking for an apartment marketing agency, some of the factors to consider include:

  • The Latest Trends: A strong multifamily marketing company should be able to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. This could involve social media, virtual leasing options, trends in local SEO, and more. By keeping up with the latest apartment marketing trends, apartment marketing companies can keep their clients ahead of the competition.
  • Personalized Marketing Strategies: A strong multifamily marketing company should also be able to tailor apartment marketing strategies to meet the needs of their individual clients. When thinking about how to market apartment complexes, every community is different. Each complex has a different selling point that the marketing plan should highlight. This will keep conversion rates as high as possible.
  • Scalability: Multifamily leasing comes in waves. This is a seasonal process that will vary not only with the time of year but also with the phase of the apartment building including pre-sales, lease-up phases, and steady states. The multifamily marketing plan should be able to scale with the needs of the community.

A strong multifamily marketing plan should present a well-rounded strategy that has been customized to meet the unique selling points of the community.  Many potential residents are using the internet and social media to find their new homes. Multifamily communities have to do everything in their power to increase their digital footprint.. This includes having an optimized website, leveraging virtual leasing opportunities, and creating a social media strategy that will work hand in hand with the interests of the community. This is where partnering with a top digital marketing agency is key.

PERQ leverages the latest tools in digital marketing to provide all prospective residents with the online experience they are looking for when they are looking for a new apartment. With PERQ, prospective residents can schedule tours easily through the website. This is a great way for multifamily communities to nurture prospects easily. They can collect data quickly which provides them with the actionable intelligence they need to make quick decisions and optimize their marketing campaigns, helping them keep their conversion rates as high as possible.

Multifamily Marketing Strategies for Social Media

We’ve touched on multifamily marketing social media strategies a little earlier but let’s dive deeper into how multifamily properties can leverage social media to engage with prospects and residents. It’s always good to have a Facebook presence, and luckily you can sync your Instagram and Facebook accounts so what is being posted on Instagram will automatically be posted to your Facebook.

That doesn’t mean that all your social media effort should be towards your Facebook. This new generation of renters see Facebook as an older person’s social media platform. Gen Z are more likely to use Instagram and TikTok but will still use Facebook to look up businesses and events. Through the use of hashtags and algorithms, TikTok can place your videos right in front of prospects as they are casually scrolling. You can spend money to promote your videos for a wider reach but #apartment alone has over a billion views.

The content you create for social media doesn’t and shouldn’t just be property photos and videos. Those are important to have but your social media should show life in your apartment community. Do a pet of the month post or spotlight a member of the onsite team. You can create content for move-in and move-out specifically and compile it together as a Guide on Instagram or a folder on TikTok to have them all in one place, kind of like a playlist if you will.

You can create a move-in tips video, a how to send in a maintenance request, ideas for decorating, and more. Apartment content marketing is a huge category on all social media platforms. Placing your multifamily property in such a visible tag and giving relevant content will drive more traffic to your community’s pages and reach prospects on a more emotional level. Multifamily marketing strategies for social media need to be fun and engaging for residents and prospects alike.

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