Apartment Content Marketing: The Cheat Sheet

Digital marketing for apartments and multifamily communities tends to be the same. While there are some parts of multifamily digital marketing that are important to hit consistently, there are multifamily marketing ideas and aspects of apartment marketing that can be more fun and creative. Both are equally important to getting your property’s name and website in front of prospects and creating lasting impressions with them. Let’s get into how content can help you in all aspects of your multifamily digital marketing plans.


Content and SEO

SEO is a vital part of every business’s digital marketing efforts. In fact, there are SEO strategy agencies out there that specialize in getting your business more online visibility and ranked higher on the results page. Your apartment content marketing needs to keep SEO in mind. How can you do that?

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For starters, identify the keywords and phrases your prospects are using when they search for apartments. You can then create copy on your website, social media, and in your apartment advertising that includes these keywords. Whenever you write anything for your website, keeping these keywords in mind is a great way to get you ranked higher up in organic searches without having to pay a lot for ad space.


Apartment advertising ideas need to keep SEO in mind because the content in those ads needs to be targeting online prospects and this will increase traffic apartment community. Using keywords in your ads is a great way to use SEO tactics within your apartment marketing and a one of the more effective ways to advertise apartments for rent . This is also a great way to marry SEO and PPC marketing in your digital efforts. Focusing on both paid and organic searches will help you in the long term with keeping your search rankings high.


Content and Outreach

We’ve written a few blogs already about outreach marketing ideas for apartments, apartment marketing ideas for summer, creative apartment ads and luxury apartment advertising, but how can you tie those into your apartment content marketing?


Multi family outreach marketing can include email marketing and follow-up through text message cadences too. AI Leasing Assistants can help when it comes to email and text follow-up so that onsite teams can focus on qualified leads. PERQ’s AI Assistant goes further by using your brand colors and brand voice in the follow-up messaging. This helps make all your content cohesive and sound like it is all coming from your property and not a robot.


Other outreach marketing ideas for apartments include events with the local community and businesses. These kinds of events are great for having a back log of content for your socials. With the summer season ahead of us, you can host pop ups outside of your property. Local shops can set up their own table and sell their goods. You can also host donation drives for local shelters and nonprofit organizations. Events are not only great for resident retention but it also is a great way to gather content for your website and social media that is more community centered and shows what life is like living in your property.


Content and Social

Some fun marketing ideas for apartments include the content on your social media. From Instagram to Facebook and now even TikTok, social platforms are where content creators can really get the word out there about different brands and companies. This is an area where your property can really outshine the competition and get in front of prospects in a more fun way.

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Apartment social media ideas hit more on the emotional aspect of renting instead of the financial. Your multifamily property will be someone’s home for either themselves, their family, or their pets.


You can post photos of the units and the overall properties on these pages, but it’s more fun and engaging to post about the resident events you put on, meeting members of the staff, spotlighting residents, or doing a pet of the month post as some starter social media post ideas for apartment communities. Social media is a great place to show prospects and residents that your property is a community and that this neighborhood is a great place to call home.


Posting about the local businesses and events is also a great way to have content that is still related to life at your property but gives a bigger picture than just the units and amenities. After all, living at your property also means living in the town/city you are located in too. You aren’t just selling your units, you’re selling life in your community too. This is an apartment advertisement example that is unique and caters more to how rental prospects are searching for their next apartment.


Planning out your content with these three areas in mind will boost your digital marketing efforts, apartment lease-up strategy, and also make you stand out to online visitors. Content needs to be cohesive and unfortunately, a lot of content on multifamily websites and social pages are kind of all over the place. Creating a schedule of what you are going to post and when can help keep your online presence active. Using SEO and taking lots of photos and videos at events and of the community will give you a base for where you can build your content from. For more apartment marketing ideas or marketing ideas for apartment lease up and resident retention, go to perq.com/blog for all the latest tips and trends in multifamily.


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