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Meet Your Best New Hire in Multifamily

Technology for the multifamily industry has seen a lot of innovation and growth in recent years. From multi-option tour scheduling to virtual leasing, multifamily and property management tech is finally coming up to speed with the rest of the digital world. Leasing agent blogs, apart from discussing resident retention, have… Read More

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Will an AI Leasing Assistant Really Help?

It’s all anyone can talk about in multifamily these days. There are a few different artificial intelligence (AI) solutions available in multifamily, but many promise things that are too good to be true. Multifamily property management companies (PMCs) are always looking at which technology solutions they want to invest in… Read More

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Turn Your Website into Your No. 1 Leasing Tool

While it’s a common belief in the multifamily industry that property websites don’t directly drive leads, many property management companies have transformed their websites into their No. 1 leasing tool by adding AI technology and marketing automation to the online mix. “We consider the property website as a primary leasing… Read More

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