Integration Spotlight: Frictionless Leasing With Funnel + PERQ

Funnel renter centric logo

We’re big advocates of tech integrations, automations, and open platforms to meet the demands of today’s renters and multifamily marketing teams. With that in mind, we’re committed to building a platform that “plays well with others” — a must-have capability for operating efficiently in today’s environment.

As it happens, the folks at Funnel Leasing feel the same. Talk about a match made in multifamily heaven: Funnel Leasing, the industry’s only Renter Management Software platform, and PERQ, the Multifamily Automation Platform with personalization.

PERQ’s AI solution integrates with Funnel to provide AI-powered, personalized lead nurture at scale, building rapport with rental prospects and nudging them closer to a “yes” through every step of their leasing journey. Together, the PERQ-Funnel integration automates top-of-funnel activities, converting leads in a more cost-effective manner and elegantly hands them off to the onsite team when they’re agent-ready, simplifying lead management using a single guest card system. 

The resulting flexibility opens the door to more compelling experiences, both for rental prospects and for on-site teams.

“Integrations like this not only make finding a new apartment easier for renters, they also demonstrate PropTech companies giving property management companies the freedom to run their business with the right solutions for their portfolio, their team, and in general how they want. Funnel’s renter-centric (single guest card) architecture and PERQ’s personalized lead nurturing work hand in hand to ensure leads are followed up in a meaningful way that makes renters feel ‘at home’ from the first click or text.”

Lianna O’Brien, Lead Product Manager at Funnel.

Scott Hill, CEO and co-founder of PERQ, agrees: “We’re proud to partner with Funnel to bring the multifamily market a solution that provides on-site teams with the renter management software they need, while also providing automated and personalized nurture experiences that drive higher lead conversion and a better renting experience for consumers.”

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