Meet Your Best New Hire in Multifamily

Technology for the multifamily industry has seen a lot of innovation and growth in recent years. From multi-option tour scheduling to virtual leasing, multifamily and property management tech is finally coming up to speed with the rest of the digital world. Leasing agent blogs, apart from discussing resident retention, have also started to talk about the impact of AI on property management.

AI property management has proven to save teams hours of work by handling all the excess leads, mundane tasks, collecting better data, and giving cleaner reporting. It’s important to note that an AI leasing agent doesn’t replace a leasing specialist. Leasing AI is a tool in their tech stack that helps them do their job more efficiently and equip them to get better results.

AI Leasing Assistants

What can an AI Leasing Assistant do? For starters, AI Assistants live on the property website and depending on which one you have, they have a multifamily community chatbot to answer prospects’ questions 24/7, they collect data on the online prospects time on your site, some even handle lead nurture and follow-up, and some even connect offsite links from other marketing channels for a more connected experience.

PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant does all of this and more. Our chatbot isn’t rule-based, it’s a natural language bot meaning that the prospect can just text with the bot. With rule-based chatbots, the prospect has to answer prompt questions no matter if it is related to what questions they are trying to ask. This means it takes more time for prospects to get their question answered and there is a possibility of the prospect not getting the answer they need before getting annoyed and clicking out.

The natural language chatbot has quicker and more efficient conversations with prospects. Prospects interacting with this kind of chatbot have a more connected and personalized experience as that chatbot can collect better data on that prospect’s wants and needs.

Follow-Up And More

PERQ’s AI Assistant also handles all the follow-up no matter what the lead’s move-in timeline is. This helps the onsite team manage their pipeline and feel secure knowing that leads are being nurtured and they can focus on the qualified leads that are ready to talk, tour, or lease. With the cleaner and better data the leasing ai collects, leasing specialists tailor those first initial conversations with prospects to highlight what the data shows to be their wants and needs.

PERQ’s assistant also can be customized to your property’s brand colors and brand voice. This not only makes your follow-up messages look and sound less automated, it keeps prospects engaged and interested in your property longer. The AI Leasing Assistant also knows when to stop sending messages and pull back. After all this effort, losing a prospect because there are too many automated messages flooding their inbox would be brutal. Luckily, PERQ’s Assistant knows when to stop.

Apart from follow-up, our leasing AI technology also provides offsite links to other marketing channels, like an ILS, for a more connected and personalized experience. Leasing specialists will know the entire prospect’s journey as so many start from an ILS before going to the property website. With an SMS number that prospect’s can text, it takes the chatbot outside of the website and is able to talk to all online prospects including those who never go on a property’s website.

A Need Not A Want

Leasing AI is a need for multifamily. For an industry that is typically really behind on technology upgrades, consumer buyer habits have changed a lot and the new generation of renters are expecting the kind of service that leasing AI gives. Millennials and Gen Z have grown up in a digital world with answers to whatever they want to know always at their fingertips.

These two generations are also the groups of people who are renting and trends show they are more likely to be long-term or life long renters. This means that multifamily properties need to stay on top of how they can continue to meet the demands of experienced renters who grew up in a whole new world. AI Leasing Assistants can answer their questions 24/7 and help create that engaging and interactive experience on your website that they seek out when looking at major life financial commitments.

What makes PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant different from other chatbot or follow-up choices is that our solution is an “all in one” platform. By combining single point solutions, the AI Leasing Assistant platform cohesively addresses all phases of the leasing journey to increase overall results and deliver a better renting experience that is much more cost effective to the community.

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