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Tackling Property Management Leads

After March 2020, many multifamily companies saw a dramatic increase in the number of property management leads coming from their website. That sounds amazing, a huge number of leads to pick perfect tenants from. The reality is these aren’t all real leads. Some of these are just casual online… Read More

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How to Generate Rental Leads for Apartments

Multifamily communities have found themselves swamped with an increase in online traffic and online leads. Consumer buying habits have gradually changed in the last decade towards automation and instant gratification. This path is also being followed by the next generation of renters, Generation Z. Gen Z has grown up with… Read More

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What Does a Qualified Lead Look Like?

With the plethora of online platforms and consumer data now available to businesses, you’re likely seeing more leads stream into your CRM than ever before. It’s a delicate balance between building a relationship with each new potential customer and making them feel immediately welcomed, and overloading your sales staff with… Read More

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Multifamily Leads: The Best Blueprint for Success

Armed with an array of generation sources for multifamily leads, properties can find themselves inundated in an unmanageable tangle of online leads coming in from all digital directions. Intelligent lead automation simplifies the lead nurture process for a multifamily property management company and frees up the leasing specialists so they… Read More

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