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Amber Fugedi

Director of Digital Marketing

Amber, a seasoned marketing professional with over 8 years of experience, currently serves as the Director of Digital Marketing at PERQ. Her expertise in marketing and sales operations is evident in her role, where she skillfully navigates the dynamic digital landscape. Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Amber embraces an active lifestyle, bringing vitality to her pursuits outside of PERQ. Whether crafting strategic marketing campaigns or engaging in her favorite activities, Amber's passion for excellence is at the forefront of everything she undertakes.


Apartment keys

Leverage Quality Leads During High Occupancy

With apartment occupancy rates at the highest level in 20 years, averaging more than 96 percent across the country, prospective renters often struggle to find a readily available unit at their preferred property that meets their needs. They end up languishing on a waitlist while they hunt online for other options. Read More

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image of smiling person sitting on floor holding a cup of coffee holding a laptop in lap | multifamily qualified lead

What Does a Qualified Lead Look Like?

With the plethora of online platforms and consumer data now available to businesses, you’re likely seeing more leads stream into your CRM than ever before. It’s a delicate balance between building a relationship with each new potential customer and making them feel immediately welcomed, and overloading your sales staff with… Read More

Amber Fugedi By Amber FugediLead Nurturing

illustration of cell phone with perq logo

Text Messaging: The Easy Way to Connect

Let’s face it. Most of us walk around with our phones in our hands or at arms-reach the majority of the time. Don’t overlook the easiest way to connect with your customers, text messaging. But, being easy doesn’t mean you should do it without forethought and planning.  Make Texting Personal … Read More

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