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Leaving a Bigger Digital Footprint

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A property’s website is one of the biggest assets a multifamily company has. The website is where prospects will go first when doing their research while searching for their next apartment. 

Your website needs to be welcoming and provide enough information for the prospect to be impressed. 


Having video tours, a photo gallery of amenities and staged units, and a list of experiences in the nearby neighborhood lets the prospect get to know the property and the community around it from the comfort from their couch. Your website shouldn’t be the only digital footprint you have though. Another online asset you have is your property’s social media pages.


Social Media


There are a lot of social media apps out there and it seems like there’s more being created right when you get comfortable with the ones you have mastered. Having an Instagram and a Facebook page are two really beneficial social media platforms for any multifamily property — and they are easy to link up together meaning that when you post on Instagram, that same post can easily be shared on Facebook with one click!


Both of these apps are great for multifamily properties because they help build a community within the property and can help create more transparency between the leasing office and the prospect. This can also be helpful to keep current renters from moving out. A lot of companies’ social media pages are obsolete. Current renters will become prospects again at the end of the lease and an active social page that creates a community feel could be the one thing that makes them resign.


Create a Plan 


For example, I have lived in an apartment complex that utilizes their Instagram to show off some of the experiences they described on their website. Before living there, I remember that seeing an active presence on their social pages gave more credibility to the photos and information I had already seen on their website. As a prospect, there is no knowing when was the last time this website page was updated, but on social media you can see what date something was posted and better understand the current environment of the property.


With automated lead follow-up and nurture, there is more time for on-site teams to explore other ways of nurturing leads. Having someone in charge of your social media and creating a plan for how you want to present the property online will help create a lasting impression on prospects and make them more comfortable in touring and eventually signing a lease. 




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