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Amber Fugedi

Director of Digital Marketing

Amber, a seasoned marketing professional with over 8 years of experience, currently serves as the Director of Digital Marketing at PERQ. Her expertise in marketing and sales operations is evident in her role, where she skillfully navigates the dynamic digital landscape. Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Amber embraces an active lifestyle, bringing vitality to her pursuits outside of PERQ. Whether crafting strategic marketing campaigns or engaging in her favorite activities, Amber's passion for excellence is at the forefront of everything she undertakes.


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The Confusing World of Multifamily AI

Multifamily AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the multifamily real estate industry. This can include AI-powered tools and systems to automate and streamline various tasks and processes in the management of multifamily properties, such as property management, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance scheduling, and more. The… Read More

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Lead Nurturing Advice from Industry Pros

Even as advancements in technology and digital marketing transform the way retail companies track and follow up on leads, the basic elements of lead nurturing stay the same. The fundamentals of good lead nurturing advice stand the test of time and apply across a number of consumer industries. Whether you’re… Read More

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