3 tips to make working from home work

By: Lauren Spears

Event marketing genius, Lauren loves volleyball and creating meaningful engagement with our clients and prospects.

The lines between work, school and home have grown closer for much of the workforce. Balancing all three is no easy task. 


You now have to face many distractions on a day-to-day basis that aren’t present in an office setting: children or spouses working (or not working), the family pet needing love and attention, or the all too familiar Netflix show just waiting to be binged. Use these 3 tips, tricks and tactics on how to tackle working from home and be successful at it. 



Maintain “Boundaries” as much as possible

When working at an office, or away from the home, there are physical and social activities that occur on a daily basis. Examples include getting dressed in the morning, driving to and from work, or packing up your desk. Those are all queues that you are beginning or ending your work day.


Maintaining these boundaries when working from home will allow you to stay focused and keep up your normal routine. Instead of your daily commute, try taking a walk around your neighborhood or do a quick morning workout. Change your clothes in the morning, even if that means changing into a new set of lounge wear! Getting dressed in the morning before beginning work will help signify the “start” to your day. Lastly, “pack” up your desk when the day is over. Put your laptop in a bag, or shut the door to your office space to help identify the end of the day.



Minimize Distractions when Working from Home

Minimizing distractions is easier said than done when household chores, kids, and easy TV access are always present and easily accessible. Creating a set office space will help alleviate some of these distractions. Having your own designated office space will make it easier to focus. It should be away from the TV and have a door you can shut. Shutting your door will help tell your kids or spouses that you are busy if you need to concentrate. 


In addition to having an office space, treat your day as if you were at your physical office. Just because no one is around to watch you, doesn’t mean you can scroll on your phone all day. Minimize your phone use, and listen to music or podcasts instead of watching Netflix. If you’re having trouble with this here are some apps to help limit smartphone use.



Take a Clear Break

Lunch breaks, coffee breaks, or water cooler chats all happen while at the office. Those small breaks help you relax and recharge throughout the day to help you get your work done. Do the same while working from home. If you normally go out and grab lunch, take your hour lunch break. Take a couple laps around your house or yard as you drink your coffee. It is important to get away from your desk during the day to avoid burnout and mental fatigue.


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