Using a Business Card Directory to Engage Your Audience

By: Lavon Simpson

The best printers are always looking for ways to add more value for their advertisers. They want to make sure that the clients who advertise with them are happy with their ROI while making sure that the customers receiving their print ads are satisfied and find the printed piece useful and engaging.


We’ve found that business card directories are one of the most effective ways for printers to match advertisers with customers. Unlike traditional print ads, business card directories function more like a resource than an advertisement. Many customers will save these for later use, knowing that they have an index of local businesses that can solve their problems. Here are a few creative ways we’ve seen people use business card directories to increase engagement with potential customers.




Restaurant Guide

People are always looking for new places to eat, but spreading awareness for new restaurants can be difficult and costly. By releasing a restaurant guide, however, you can provide less expensive advertising opportunities for restaurants and give consumers a guide that they can keep to find great restaurant ideas when they’re separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Wedding Guide

There are a million moving pieces in any wedding, and with the happy couple sweating all the details, it would make their lives a lot easier to have a one-stop index with florists, bakeries, and all the other odds and ends they need to get in place for their big separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Emergency Maintenance Guide

There are plenty of resources online for customers to find reliable service providers, but what if the power goes out or your apartment floods? You need a list of people you can call fast to help you out. By creating an emergency maintenance guide for consumers, you’re providing them with a business card directory they’ll be glad they kept around when disaster strikes.


These are just a few unique ways to use business card directories, but they can be used to service many consumer needs.