Press Coverage: Why This Company Is All About Play Time

By: Felicia Savage

Our very own Scott Hill sat down with Suzanne Lucas at to discuss how (and why) him and Andy decided to “gamify” PERQ; and how they treat open-book management like a scoreboard. For the full interview, click here!

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Additional  Resources

  • If you’re hiring like-minded individuals who are all pointed toward the same goal, they will usually create ‘fun’ along the way……assuming they are given the proper tools. For example, see how PERQ introduced fun into their company culture.
  • PERQ has some tips that may help you during your at-home workdays to make them better! 
  • How does PERQ describe what a leader is for them? Each company’s culture is unique and built around core values. So, first, ask your team members for their opinions. Then, have fun and make it your own!
  • In 2020, PERQ announced that its multifamily software is now accessible to those with disabilities. Take a look at how they did this.
  • The PERQ Innovator Series has a new podcast that has been ranked in the top 20 marketing podcasts on iTunes since its launch. Keep reading to learn more about this.
  • PERQ makes The Tech Tribune’s 2020 Best Tech Startups in Indianapolis. From a fun and casual company culture to the cross-departmental mindset, it’s no wonder that PERQ is still thriving today. Find out more here.