The Power of Reciprocity: How Giving Great Value for Free Turns Your Brand into a Magnet

By: Felicia Savage

Your reputation is extremely important when building and strengthening your brand. While you’ll often need to spend money on your company so your brand flourishes, there are plenty of ways to promote your brand without spending much money, or any money at all. Reciprocity through promotions can be quite helpful to your dealership.



Everyone loves getting free stuff. Giveaways can be a great way to get your brand some much needed exposure, and you don’t usually have to spend much money. Even giving away something small will turn people’s attention to your brand, but giveaways are going to be most effective if you offer people something they really want. Usually, the bigger the giveaway, the more people notice your brand.


Just like any other marketing strategy, you still need to think about things like your target audience. You’re not going to give away free gas if your customers are interested in electric cars, or give away an electric Prius to farmers who want a big pickup truck. Offer something people want—and something that’s not going to cost you much or any money—and give it away.

Promotional Deals and Perks

In addition to giveaways, there are other ways to promote your brand. You can run special promotional deals that will give people special offers for your products. If the deals that you give to your customers are good enough, your brand will get some recognition. Think of other perks you can provide. Offer certain customers extended deals or a rewards program. These kinds of offers give customers a reason to like and talk about your brand, whether it’s with their friends or online. Provide them with perks and deals that they aren’t getting with other companies.


Give the Best Service

As with promotional deals and perks, giving your customers the best possible service will get them talking, and that will add value to your brand more than anything. This is more than just having helpful sales representative and other employees. Your employees need to be helpful and excited about your brand, and that enthusiasm needs to extend past the point when your customer walks out the front door.


Follow up with calls or emails a few days after they’ve left. Don’t just bombard them with sales info and spam; actually inquire about how they enjoyed their experience, or if they had any problems. Find out what, if anything else, they needed, and be genuinely concerned for them. This kind of customer service is not forgotten, and it can change what a brand is in the eyes of many customers. There are many companies and brands out there that have a bad reputation; you don’t want to be part of that. Look at the kinds of services your competitors are giving their customers, and take it one step further. People will notice.


Utilize Social Media

We’re not just talking about posting pictures and events on your Twitter feed and Facebook page. Actually interact with customers on these platforms. Have conversations, discuss real issues, answer questions, address problems, and interact with the press. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are a great way to break the news about other efforts to build your brand, such as promotional deals, perks, or giveaways.