3 Key Takeaways From My Hangout With Paul Potratz

By: Felicia Savage

Last Friday, I did a Google Hangout with Paul Potratz. Paul is an auto marketing genius, so it’s always great to sit down and share ideas with him. We were talking about ways your dealership can end 2013 strong and I wanted to make sure to share some of the big insights from the hangout. Here are three ways you can end 2013 strong and carry that momentum into 2014:


Be a Problem Solver



Between credit card debt from Christmas shopping, visiting with relatives, and trying to stay safe on icy roads, consumers have their fair share of problems this time of year. If you were able to solve one of those seasonal problems, however, you would gain tons of customer loyalty. For example, this time of year I hate driving my relatives around in my car because my kids keep it so messy. If a dealer were to couple their oil changes with vacuuming the cookie crumbs out of my interior, they would have a customer for life. A couple other tips:


Look Outside the Auto Industry



This is some great advice from Paul. There are plenty of things we do in auto marketing that are industry specific, but there’s no reason that tactics from other industries wouldn’t work for your dealership. Here are a few ideas of how you could implement that:


Believe in the Power of Reciprocity



As you may know, at PERQ we love incentives. What you may not know is how powerful reciprocity is in our nature. When someone gives us something, we’re naturally inclined to give them something back. It’s how our brains are wired. This holiday season, you can try to leverage this by running a cash or gift tree promotion. Simply put a tree in your dealership and hang envelopes with prizes written on them. If someone agrees to a test drive, they get to choose a prize. Not only will you increase the number of test drives in your dealership, but you are generating customer loyalty with everyone who steps in the door. Some other tips: