3 Steps to Better Convert Internet Auto Leads into Customers

By: Felicia Savage

Have you given your conversion rates from new car sales leads a good look lately? How about those for your used cars? If you’re settling for a response along the lines of “adequate” or “OK, but could be better,” it’s time to analyze different ways to improve this important part of your sales process.


Chances your conversion rates not only could be better; they could be significantly better with a bit of an overhaul of your current processes. Take a look at these three important steps to convert more internet auto leads into sales.


Set Yourself Up for More Successful Conversations from the Start

Step one requires you to equip your website with the right foundation. If your car dealer software does little more than produce names and contact info for your sales team to follow up with, you’re already at a disadvantage. Trust me. With this type of campaign, your sales team will only end up frustrated, wading through leads that could be at different stages of the buying process.


Give your software more responsibility in getting critical information that sets up your car salesmen for more engaging and relevant conversations with your auto leads.


For example, if you have a trade in appraisal tool that simply provides a generic value of the car, your visitors won’t find a lot of value in that. Go a step further by making it a more interactive and engaging experience that helps the prospective car buyer understand his or her own priorities with the purchase of a new or used car. Some forms are such a boring, exhaustive experience that visitors will lose interest in completing them.


Use the Data Wisely

With dealership software that offers a more engaging experience for visitors — giving them the opportunity to share preferences based on used, new, sports, luxury, hybrids, etc., as well as timeline, you have data to further engage your audiences by appealing to their interests. Use this data wisely and strategically.


A person in the market to purchase a used economy vehicle within 90 days should receive entirely different email follow-ups from the person who plans to purchase hybrid within six months. Likewise, incentives for each should vary depending upon their preferences. Each prospect should feel that you “get them.” Personalize your communications. It will work to your advantage.


Heed Customers’ Preferences for Follow-up

Here’s another way to further personalize the experience. And it’s key. Give prospects the opportunity to select their method of communication — email, text or call. Respect their preferences.


Don’t be surprised if consumers would prefer not to talk to you at all on the phone. A survey by Accenture revealed that 75 percent of car buyers would prefer to complete the whole process online. Don’t take it personally. Just give them what they want when it comes to preferences.