Canadian Dealership Rates PERQ Best Conversion Software

With PERQ, Harris Mazda has seen some good results overall in just the first couple of months.





Harris Mazda uses PERQ to Guide Online Visitors


The team at Harris Mazda likes being on the cutting edge, whether it’s using PERQ, the online guided solution to help consumers online find the best car or working on a non-commission base sales strategy to focus on providing the best customer service. Taking chances has proven to be successful for the dealership based in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.


“Other dealers are intrigued,” says General Manager Doug Culham. “We get calls from dealers all across Canada to want to know how we’re doing what we do.”


Finding the perfect vehicle for each person means helping the consumer shop the way they want to. “We don’t take customers down a linear path,” Culham says. “They get to pick where they want to start in the buying process. If they just want numbers on a trade, then we’ll start there and work everything backwards.” It’s all about being flexible, he adds, because car shoppers are put off when the sales process doesn’t go the way they want.


The same rings true with the customer experience online, and one of the reasons Harris Mazda decided to implement the PERQ’s Online Guided Shopping Solution on their site. PERQ’s interactive experiences help to guide a shopper through the buying process, whether it’s a trade value; special offer incentives; learn more about a vehicle of interest, such as checking offers, getting price updates, confirming availability or making an offer; scheduling a test drive; and more.


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Online Guided Shopping Personalizes

the Car Shopping Experience

Interactive questions throughout the experiences, such as “How can we earn your business” to “How do you prefer to be contacted,” and “How do you prefer to pay” all help the dealership capture valuable consumer information, too, and personalizes the experience based on how a car shopper answers, never asking for the same information twice.


“The calls to action PERQ provides are a more pinpointed experience and leads the customer to the next question,” Culham says. “It’s a connected experience and follows the shopper right through the process. Makes it easier for the shopper and helps them get a little further down the buying process every time they visit the site.”


Culham says he really likes the consumer profile information on the leads from PERQ, too. “We know if a customer has gone through an interactive experience, how they answered… and we go through and see how they interacted with our site. We have everything they were looking at online and it makes our sales process a lot easier.”


When a customer goes through the interactive experiences and says they’re ready to buy, Culham says their team contacts them right away and it’s been successful with closing a deal. “Sometimes the customer says they can be here in 20 minutes. The calls to action with PERQ are way more effective.”

Harris Mazda Pleased with Results from PERQ

With PERQ, Harris Mazda has seen some good results overall in just the first couple of months.

29 Unique Leads

9 Sold Vehicles

31% Conversion Rate

Almost an 11% Unique Click to Lead Conversion


“The quality of leads are much better from PERQ,” Culham says. “The people are more qualified buyers and we’re having a higher success rate on converting the leads to sales. PERQ is the best conversion tool I’ve seen.”


And although PERQ is based out of the U.S., Culham and Tony Harris, the owner of Harris Mazda, say there hasn’t been any hiccups. “When we integrate with a vendor from another country, it doesn’t go well and there’s always issues with the conversion and integration,” Harris says. “I’m happy to say with PERQ, we haven’t had any issue.”


Culham says he they would recommend PERQ to other dealers in Canada, but jokingly adds just not in his area of Nanaimo, BC. “I don’t want my competitors to have the same edge. I don’t like sharing my secrets.”

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Customer Engagement Fuels Better ROI for Florida Auto Dealership

90-Day Results with PERQ



PERQ Software Converts Website Visitors


Many auto dealerships today pay big bucks for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to entice online consumers to visit their websites. Once there, however, many auto websites fail to engage customers or provide the information they’re seeking.


“We utilize SEO and SEM so much right now to drive consumers to our website,” says CJ Tychonski, Internet BDC Manager for Fuccillo Kia of Port Charlotte, Florida. “The problem with that is we don’t create our website to be efficient enough to convert that customer into an opportunity.”


A year ago, Fuccillo Kia implemented the PERQ Software Solution on its site with a specific focus on the trade-in tool, which increased engagement to leads by about 17 percent. Building on the trade-in tool success, Fuccillo Kia later upgraded to Deal Arrangement and then to the full PERQ web engagement package, including interactive quizzes, payment calculator and test drive scheduler, at the end of March.


“We wanted to drive customers to the website, engage with them, and convert,” Tychonski says. “I thought we needed to add a little bit more engagement. We’re not just dealing with customers looking for a trade.”


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Engagement Increases with PERQ Software


Using the interactive auto software to guide consumers down the buying funnel, Fuccillo Kia gains valuable information about its online visitors. Instead of using a static contact form that might provide a name and vehicle of interest, the software asks detailed questions about household size, how the vehicle will be used, trade-in value information, financing options, and how soon the consumer wants to buy.


“For us, it’s a win-win. It’s giving us a better quality lead, it’s keeping our customers on our website for a longer time, and it’s keeping them from touching multiple other sites like third-party vendors or competitors,” Tychonski says.


The software makes Fuccillo Kia’s website “sticky,” Tychonski says, by engaging customers to share more about their auto-buying search, such as when they want to buy (81% were in the market to buy within a month), whether they needed financing (34% were seeking good financing), and whether they wanted to trade in a vehicle (97% want to trade vs. sell).


“The website needs to engage the customer the same way you would engage them if they walked into the dealership,” Tychonski says. “Adding those tools from PERQ gave us better engagement with consumers. When you have better engagement, you turn more of those customers into an opportunity.”


The Results Prove ROI


In less than 3 months, Fuccillo Kia saw a 51% Lead to Showroom Visit rate and a Lead to Sale conversion rate of 17.3%. The software generated 777 unique leads during that quarter and the dealership converted those “opportunities” into 72 total vehicles sold.


Tychonski says the PERQ software definitely increased website leads for Fuccillo Kia and allows the auto dealer to treat its website like a new showroom.


“As we spend countless thousands of dollars on SEO and SEM to drive customers to our website, we need to do a better job of keeping them there and actually converting them into a lead,” he says. “I couldn’t ask for a better spend, a better return on my investment.”


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“Adding those tools from PERQ gave us better engagement with consumers. When you have better engagement, you turn more of those customers into an opportunity.”

CJ Tychonski, Internet BDC Manager

Auto Group Sees 28% Lift in Lead to Sale with PERQ

Year Over Year Group Results After Adding PERQ



Auto Group Rolls Out PERQ to All Dealerships

When Ray Skillman Auto Group added the PERQ auto dealership software solution to one of their dealership websites in December 2015, it didn’t take long for them to roll out the product on their other dealership websites. Today, the dealership group, which has 12 brands at 17 locations across central Indiana, uses PERQ on all of its websites.


Jake Laue, Director of Digital Marketing at Ray Skillman, says they tested PERQ out on one site and saw value almost immediately. “Within three months, we rolled it across all of our other dealerships,” Laue says, adding they were using three or four different types of tools across their websites from third-party brands prior to implementing the PERQ solution. “When we first started using PERQ and using our own branding, we saw our leads go up two to three times. Once we saw the data from one store, it was easy to get the GMs behind it and roll it out to the other stores.”


Laue says the group has spent much more focus in the past few years on digital marketing and driving higher quality traffic to their website. However, they’ve also faced the challenge of figuring out how to get more leads, as well as higher quality leads from their existing website traffic. “PERQ has helped with that,” Laue says.” We’ve had a 28% increase in lead to sale conversion with PERQ, compared to 5% with third-party leads.”


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Ray Skillman Increases Online Engagement with PERQ


Having been in central Indiana for more than 30 years, the family-owned business takes pride in taking care of their customers, and PERQ’s online guided shopping solution has helped them with that. Ray Skillman Auto Group uses PERQ’s interactive experiences that make researching a vehicle online easy for their dealerships’ website visitors.


Whether it’s getting a trade value, taking an assessment to determine their preferred vehicle, scheduling a test drive, receiving incentives or finding out more about their vehicle of interest, Laue says PERQ’s technology serves up the next best steps to guide visitors in their shopping process right on their websites.


“We’re engaging the consumers on our websites more and it’s a better experience. Before, our calls to action would have asked mainly for contact information; but with the PERQ experiences, we’re getting a lot more data, like how a customer prefers to be contacted, where they’re at in the buying process, when they plan to buy, their trade value and more,” Laue says. “All of that information is used by our sales teams to better assist them in finding a vehicle.”


As a plus, Jake says the Calls to Action from PERQ look great on their website, and he likes how they change up for each visitor depending on how they’ve interacted with their websites. “When we first heard about smart CTAs, it just made sense,” Laue says. “If the customer gives us information from one CTA, we serve up a new one like ‘Value Your Trade’ or ‘Schedule a Test Drive.’ It has worked great for us.”


Ray Skillman Auto Group Happy with Results from PERQ


The results speak for themselves, Laue says. “We’ve seen a 55% increase in leads generated using PERQ’s software on our websites across our group year over year. And we’ve seen a 48% increase in website visitors becoming leads.”


With the increase in PERQ leads, Laue says they’ve had to do a little bit of training with their staff to show them how to use the extra data they’ve received about each visitor. That training has paid off, helping to sell more vehicles overall. Ray Skillman Auto Group saw a 30.5% increase in units sold from their website leads year over year with PERQ.


“Adding PERQ to our website has had the single biggest impact than anything else we’ve ever added to our website from another vendor,” Laue says. “Working with PERQ has been great. As dealers, we’re always looking to generate more leads. We think we need to get more traffic to our website. With PERQ, you can get a higher percentage of leads from the traffic you already have.”


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“Once we saw the data from one store [using PERQ], it was easy to get the GMs behind it and roll it out to the other stores.”

Jake Laue, Director of Digital Marketing

Trade Appraisal Plus for Ford

Results Within First 80 Days

  • 40 CARS SOLD



The Situation


Family owned and operated since 1953, Jenkins & Wynne is a new and used Ford dealership located in Clarksville, Tennessee. The dealership focuses on high-quality customer service and strives for trustworthy and transparent relationships with its customers. They approach their marketing strategy with logical, data-driven decisions and value vendor relationships that allow them to break apart from the cookie cutter mold.


The Jenkins & Wynne team had a popular trade-in tool on their website but like most dealers, didn’t consider it to be a source of lead generation. With heightened focus on converting anonymous website visitors into known leads, the team didn’t realize that their trade-in tool could be immensely more helpful in doing so. The Jenkins and Wynne team had no reason to stay with their trade-in tool vendor, but at that time, was unaware of a better option. Until PERQ called.

See How TAP Compares


The Solution: Trade Appraisal Plus


The team at PERQ called Casey Jenkins, Director of Marketing at the dealership and asked if she’d be willing to try the Trade Appraisal Plus (TAP) tool for a 30 day trial. Casey was intrigued that the tool could be customized and loved the idea that it would deliver high-quality leads while providing insight into customer behavior through reporting. With mediocre experience with automotive vendors in the past, Casey really wanted an open, committed relationship with any new vendor that she brought on board.


With PERQ and its TAP tool, Casey found herself in the ideal situation. Casey worked with the PERQ team to seamlessly implement the trade-in tool on her website. With a need to stay true to her company’s culture and voice, Casey wanted an experience that reflected the Jenkins & Wynne brand. PERQ listened to her requests and delivered a customized experience. For that initial 30 day period, she even ran TAP alongside her other trade-in tool to test which would work better. TAP won.

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The Results


From the time period of May 15- July 31 (77 days), Casey’s team received 181 leads and sold 40 cars from Trade Appraisal Plus. That’s a 22% conversion rate. The team also gathered data that not only saved them time, but helped engage them in a real, valuable conversations. For example, 55% of all leads requested information on financing, guiding Casey’s team in conversation with those consumers and pushing them further down the sales funnel.


Casey loved the results and customer service that TAP and the PERQ team delivered so much that she wanted to share it with her dealer peers on the Ford Direct Dealer Advisory Board. The group meets several times a year and offers opportunities to its members to submit ideas for “The Best Idea Award.” Casey presented Trade Appraisal Plus and emphasized two main things 1) the reporting and quality of leads generated from TAP and 2) the high level of customer service she received from PERQ. And she WON! What’d she tell her peers that convinced them to vote for her idea? “This is the real deal.”

See results of all TAP Clients

“When our team calls these TAP leads, they all say that they’re their favorite leads that come in because it’s just a more relevant conversation with the customer. The customer is a little bit further down in the buying funnel and is more willing to have a quality conversation and give us a chance just to talk to them and earn their business. Our team just really enjoys the PERQ leads because they’re not a waste of time.”

Casey Jenkins, Internet Manager

PERQ Web Engagement Helps Close Car Sales

Average Monthly Results Using PERQ Web Engagement

  • 12 CARS SOLD


PERQ Web Engagement Personalizes Dealership Website


At Walt’s Live Oak Ford, creating a personalized experience and focusing on quality customer service has been the focus for the past 60 years. For a little over a year, eCommerce director Josh Bagley says they’ve been trying to provide that same personalized customer experience online to compete with other dealerships. His solution: PERQ Web Engagement software.


Bagley reached out to request a demo of the PERQ Web Engagement product at the end of 2016, knowing it could help him personalize the dealership’s website and attract out-of-town visitors to his lot.


With the family-owned Ford dealership being located in rural Live Oak, Florida, Bagley says he’s creating an internet experience to entice visitors from other cities. “In a rural area, car buyers can get a better deal because there’s less overhead. We keep the overhead low to pass the savings on to the customer.”


At the same time, Bagley also wants to continue to make the car buying process easy for his returning customers to the dealership, which averages about 65 new and 56 used vehicles on the lot. “We retain about 80 percent of our customers,” he says.


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PERQ Provides Quality Consumer Profile Data


Once Bagley saw PERQ Web Engagement, that offered an interactive experience for trade appraisal, vehicle of interest, scheduling a test drive and incentives, he quickly became interested in trying it out.


“We normally do a month trial with new software to see what results we get before we make a final decision on what to keep. We kept PERQ because it increased our closing rates. It went up 2 to 3 percent.”


After four months, the dealership added PERQ Assessments to its VDP and SRP pages to help the online visitor make buying decisions. The interactive web engagement Assessments software asks visitors questions to help them narrow their shopping preferences, such as the vehicle body style, the model and whether they should lease or finance.


Bagley says that PERQ Web Engagement educates the sales team with better quality lead data about the visitors on his site to help close sales.


“PERQ gives us more information to meet the customer’s needs better,” he says. “Instead of just having a lead, we know what they’re looking for, what part of the buying process they’re in and how they want to be contacted, for example.”

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PERQ Web Engagement Increases Dealer Leads, Sales


After adding PERQ, Walt’s Live Oak Ford saw .74% lift in unique website visitor to lead conversion. In the first 4 months using PERQ Web Engagement, Walt’s Live Oak Ford averaged 98 overall leads per month, with a visitor to lead conversion of 3.8%. They typically average about 12 vehicles sold from those leads, with a conversion rate of leads to cars sold at about 12% per month.


In his experience, Bagley says the team at PERQ has always been easy to work with and are responsive. It’s one of the reasons he’d recommend them, he says. “This isn’t a cookie cutter product. They’re willing to adapt it and make PERQ work for your needs. The ease of installation is nice, too. I didn’t have to redo our site to use it – it’s plug and play.”


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“We’re really excited to see what this integration of Kelley Blue Book data can do to help auto dealers personalize the experience for the consumer and turn those website visitors into showroom sales.”

Russ Chandler, PERQ Product Marketing Manager

PERQ Web Engagement Delivers Better Buyer Profiles

PERQ Web Engagement Results — East Bay BMW



Interactive CTAs sell PERQ Web Engagement

Being surrounded by quite a few other BMW dealerships in the Bay area makes the competition fierce for East Bay BMW in Pleasanton, Calif. Internet sales manager Jason Burger says they’re constantly looking for ways to be innovative and get ahead of the curve to capture the attention of website visitors.


“It’s part of the reason the PERQ Web Engagement was a good fit for us,” Burger says. “We wanted to have a product that is deserving of BMW and the Hendrick name.”


East Bay BMW, which is part of the Hendrick Automotive Group, has been around for more than 25 years and typically has more than 300 cars on their lot.


After seeing the demo of PERQ Web Engagement, Burger says he and his team were sold on the interactive calls to action that help to create informative buyer profiles for their sales team.


“The PERQ technology seemed to align with the information we were trying to collect to find out what was really import to the customer, what their buying motivations are and their timeline for buying.”


Although BMW has restrictions on the format for their website, Burger says PERQ Web Engagement also maintained a professional appearance, making it attractive to implement. “We’re trying to deliver the best overall experience for someone who’s buying a new car.”


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PERQ Delivers Better Buyer Profiles


During the PERQ demo, Burger says they realized the old static forms — that just captured a visitor’s name, phone number and email address — weren’t getting them the information they needed.


“They don’t get us nearly the response we get from the PERQ technology now,” he says. “We take visitors through a few pages asking them what’s most important to them and their buying preference. We get more information and the customers are willing to engage with us.”


Because of that, Burger says they’re able to start the conversation with these potential clients better. “We’re not going in completely cold. As long as a dealer can read into the details and respond correctly, it gives you a bit of an edge.”


Burger says because they already have a lot of the information about the lead, East Bay BMW can also change their email templates, making it a more personal experience when they reach out to those leads.


But Burger’s favorite part of PERQ Web Engagement are the interactive CTAs because they’re creating a more personal experience on East Bay’s website.


“People can ask us specific questions they have versus filling out a static form and feeling like they’re going to get bombarded with information that maybe they don’t want,” Burger says. “It’s great that the customer can say they’re not ready to buy for six months.”


The interactive CTAs also tell the sales team if a lead is ready to buy now, giving them more motivation to make sure the customer is getting the information they need to help close that sale.


With the web engagement tool, Burger says people can also find their deals much more easily.


“The customer had to find it on our website or we had to have a landing page, but now with the new technology, the deals get someone’s attention,” he says, noting clients come in with the coupon printout from the interactive CTAs. “They say, ‘Hey, by the way, I got this off your website and I see that you’re going to give me more than $500 on the appraised value of my car,’ so the technology is worth it.


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East Bay BMW Captures Good Lead Data


Although their website has always been their no. 1 lead generator, Burger says PERQ Web Engagement has made their website even more effective and he would recommend it to other dealers wanting to capture more leads. “PERQ gives you an opportunity to gather good information from a customer.”


East Bay BMW has been using PERQ Web Engagement on their site since November 2016. In the first 90 days, they’ve seen:


  • 445 leads from the technology, which is the no. 1 source of leads on their website.
  • 104 showroom visits
    • Lead to show: 23.37%
  • 45 sales
    • Lead to sale: 10.11%
    • Show to sale: 43.27%


In January 2017, PERQ Web Engagement ranked as the no. 1 lead source for East Bay BMW in the following areas:

  • Lead to close: 10.87%
  • Appointment set: 36%
  • Appointment to showroom visit: 66%
  • Lead to show: 56%
  • Overall sales: 15
  • Overall lead volume: 138


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“Because of PERQ, the conversation starts off better with our customer. We’re not going in completely cold.”

Jason Burger, Internet Sales Manager