Leasing Assistant vs. Marketing Automation: A Side-by-Side Comparison

The Challenge

The subject of this story is a property management company (PMC) with 100 properties currently under management across the United States. With explosive growth of 30% expected over the next year, the PMC team was taking a serious look at how they can offer better online experiences to their prospective renters while also maximizing their lead funnel.

The EVP of Marketing at the PMC began working with PERQ several years ago for their capabilities around improving the customer experience on property websites. As users of many technologies, integrated to ensure a smooth consumer experience and no holes in their data, this PMC is on the cutting edge as multifamily digital marketers. They leverage an Entrata tech stack integrated with Engrain. The EVP added PERQ to the mix to improve the engagement of prospective renters with their online experiences. With PERQ, she began seeing better conversion from prospect to guest card so she continued to be a trusted partner with PERQ to keep her website performing.

The PERQ Marketing Automation Platform vs. the AI Leasing Assistant

When PERQ added new capabilities to its platform, the EVP was intrigued. On one hand, her experience with PERQ was very positive and she was game to give new things a try. On the other hand, there were alternative technologies in the market and she wanted to be able to prove with data the technology that would be best suited for her company.

PERQ and the EVP collaborated to pilot two technology scenarios against each other, aiming to determine the better outcome. The comparison involved evaluating PEQ and a well-known multifamily AI leasing assistant.

The PMC set up five of their property websites with the PERQ AI Marketing Automation Platform and eight of their properties with the AI leasing assistant solution. After running the leasing assistant side-by-side comparison, she reviewed the results. Here’s what she found.

The Results

The results from the side-by-side comparison were abundantly clear. Not only did PERQ’s Marketing Automation Platform outperform the leasing assistant by 20% for lead-to-tour conversion but PERQ outperformed the AI leasing assistant in every other variable that the EVP considered valuable for the evaluation.

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