How CA Ventures Automates Lead Capture, Nurture and Conversions With AI

More leads, more engagement, more conversions — all at lower costs and with less effort: It’s the universal goal of multifamily marketers. Though your properties, locations, audiences and strategies may differ, getting more renters to say “yes” remains the holy grail in multifamily property management, especially as budgets and teams run lean.

With that in mind, CA Ventures looked to AI to automate and enhance user experiences, benefiting both renters and leasing agents.

Automating instant, 1:1 support

CA Ventures is a property management company whose Student Living portfolio comprises nearly 60 properties across the U.S. Christopher Bartlett, CA’s director of marketing, helped lead the company’s search for AI-powered chat solutions that could provide instant answers to prospects, 24/7, so they didn’t have to wait on humans to be available. (A handy benefit when you’re browsing apartment websites at 2 a.m. or outside office hours.)

Bartlett and his team had a few criteria in mind for the AI chatbot:

  • The solution should simultaneously enhance prospect experiences and free up leasing agents to do more purposeful work, rather than “busy” work.
  • It should integrate with CA’s CRM, recording prospect and chat data, seamlessly. (The CA team had fallen for such claims in the past but found integrations aren’t always as advertised.)
  • The solution should be easy to scale and customize.
  • It should enable an ideal blend of automations and human touches, marrying the best of AI with elegant handoffs to a live agent when prospects were ready.

Putting PERQ to the test

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As the CA team narrowed its search, it found PERQ unique in the sense that it checked off all of its requirements, and more. Next, CA put the PERQ platform to the test in a 90-day pilot for 10 of its properties. What results would be possible in just three months?

Proof’s in the pudding

At the end of three months, CA Ventures recorded the following results from their PERQ pilot:

  • +226% average increase in lead-to-tour conversions for each pilot property.
  • 99% of tour scheduling was handled automatically by PERQ.
  • +157% average increase in website leads.
  • +1,002 hours of staff time saved, resulting in labor cost savings/reallocation of ~$20,000
  • +56 tours scheduled as a result of PERQ’s “dead” lead follow-up

…and more.

Get the full story

Clean prospect data, reliable lead source attributions, and the ability to automate personalized lead nurture are other benefits CA Ventures reported from using the PERQ platform.

“I am prioritizing spend on PERQ over other marketing sources because I would much rather have a tool that qualifies our leads than get a source that brings in junk leads that clog up our pipeline. [PERQ] is taking precedence over even some lead sources for us,” says Christopher.

>> Read the full story when you access CA’s full case study here.

PERQ integrates with your existing website and lead sources to engage, nurture and convert every lead, improving the multifamily leasing journey for everyone. Learn how it works or request a demo.