Increased Renter Leads From PERQ’s Software

“In one day we had 3 online applications from out-of-state people who have never visited our property. They leased solely on our website because of how easy and interactive it was."

–Sara Baird, Leasing Director

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PERQ's Software Increases Leads from Property Websites

Buckingham is a full-service real estate firm specializing in the development, construction and management of mixed-use, multifamily, commercial and hospitality projects. With over 30 years of experience in the multifamily industry, Buckingham has continued to grow and evolve to meet the demands of an ever-changing market.


Buckingham’s strategy for success has been to identify properties, clients and partners to help achieve their goals. In April, Buckingham partnered with PERQ to implement their web engagement software to increase consumer engagement on their property websites. In just 90 days, the 10 properties that were using PERQ’s software received over 2,220 leads provided to their leasing teams.

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Quality Leads from PERQ

As a company that places a strong focus on maximizing results and creating personalized experiences for residents, it goes without saying that the PERQ interactive technology was the right choice for Buckingham. With personalized web experiences like tour scheduling, pre-qualification assessment, “What floor plan is right for you?” and more, leasing agents are able to capture renters in all stages of the renting process, not just those looking to sign right away.


These enhanced consumer experiences on the property websites create a more meaningful interaction between the property and the renter. Buckingham now has increased visibility into leads, tours, applicants, and leases that are tied to their web audience.

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PERQ's Web Engagement Software a Success

In addition to finding out more about their web audience, Buckingham’s goal of partnering with PERQ is to increase web conversion and increase average leads per month. In April, each property set a goal website to lead conversion rate they hoped to reach using PERQ’s web engagement software, and all ten properties surpassed their goal rate by an average of 152%.


Prior to using the software, these 10 Buckingham properties averaged a 1.6% conversion rate of web traffic into leads. After implementing PERQ’s technology onto the property websites, the properties saw an average web visitor to lead conversion rate of 5.13%.


In addition, an application analysis found that 54% of applicants in the last 90 days went through PERQ’s interactive web experience.


With the data captured from PERQ, in the last 90 days Buckingham has

  • Captured 2,283 unique leads
  • Acquired 44,505 website users
  • Scheduled 408 tours

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"Since using PERQ, we've seen a tremendous lift in engagement on our property's websites, resulting in a great conversion from website traffic to known leads, as well as actual in-person tours scheduled. I'd recommend PERQ to anyone looking to get more qualified conversions from potential renters on their websites. "

Nicole Crosby, Senior Marketing Manager

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