Furniture First Member Sees Immediate Return with PERQ

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Average Monthly Results with PERQ

133 LEADS (Before PERQ: 16)





PERQ Changes Game for Furniture Distributors

In the first weekend of having PERQ software live on the Furniture Distributors’ website, Jill Thigpen said her initial fear about not seeing a return on her investment was alleviated. The store’s marketing director had heard about PERQ six months prior at a Furniture First National Buying Group performance event, but says she wasn’t ready to invest her digital marketing budget. “I’ve made investments before that didn’t produce results,” she says, recalling her hesitancy.


Once Thigpen talked to a PERQ client, however, who shared his excitement over having to hire a new employee to manage the influx of PERQ leads, she decided to test the software. “I thought, ‘Well, that’s a good problem to have.’ We pulled the trigger, and in the first weekend we had $10,000 from PERQ leads. That was exciting. It certainly is paying for itself.”


As a Furniture First member since 1996, Thigpen has been active on committees and engaged with the performance group, and says she also shares her excitement with them about the results she’s seen with PERQ. “It has been a gamechanger and it’s one of the reasons why I’m a proponent when talking to my Furniture First buddies. I know they will see the benefit, too.”

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Furniture First Member Bridges Gap

of Online Visitors to In-Store Sales

Furniture Distributors, with six locations in North Carolina, has been using PERQ since November, and Thigpen says seeing the connection of online visitors to in-store sales has proven to be the best benefit overall. “I can validate what shoppers were looking at online and confirm they came here and made a purchase. The typical customer is using our website as a touchpoint throughout their path to purchase.”


As Thigpen thinks about her marketing efforts as a whole, she says she’ll be investing more on digital advertising to get more people to the website. “Before PERQ, there wasn’t a push to send someone to our website. PERQ has become the middlemen to my salesperson. They’ve created a connection with the shopper online so we have a stronger chance to turn them into a qualified customer. Once I get them to the website, the PERQ product does its job.”


Some of the PERQ interactive experiences helping to turn online visitor to leads and ultimately sales include a New Customer Welcome, Design Style Assessment, Special Pricing, Scratch & Save Offer Reveal, Sofa Assessment and Mattress Assessment. “With PERQ, I get genuine leads. People are willing to give us their real information because we provided a meaningful experience for them on our website.”

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Results Pay Off for Furniture Distributors

Thigpen says some furniture retailers might think they’d already get those leads from visitors landing on their website, so they won’t invest in a solution like PERQ. That’s a mistake she says: “We’ve seen the lift in number of leads.” Furniture Distributors went from 16 leads to 133 per month.


They’re also increasing the time spent on the Furniture Distributor’s website by 348% — from an average 2 minutes and 49 seconds (before PERQ) to 15 minutes and 54 seconds (with PERQ), while also increase pages per session per visitor from almost 6 to over 16. With increased engagement, Furniture Distributors has also seen a lift in sales. Their average monthly lead to sale conversion with PERQ is at almost 20%. “An average of $46k in sales a month with PERQ is pretty impressive,” Thigpen says.


PERQ is something I wouldn’t want to be without,” she adds. “I love the product. It’s one of the best we’ve added to the mix. I’m very pleased with results, but I did get a little jealous when I saw it on a competitor’s website.”

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“PERQ has been a gamechanger and it’s one of the reasons why I’m a proponent when talking to my Furniture First buddies. I know they will see the benefit, too.”

Jill Thigpen, Director of Marketing, Furniture Distributors