I’ve been following PERQ in the news for a while, and from the start, they’ve been making an impression on the Indy community and making moves in the technology industry. I’ve always been intrigued by their story, so when I heard about an open position for a B2B Email Marketing Manager, I applied. Having never been to the PERQ office, I was in awe walking in for my first interview.

From the minute you walk in the door, you feel the excitement. You are immediately greeted with a buzz of people talking on the phone. You see groups collaborating in conference rooms, engaging with each other in one of the many open areas, and you meet with employees that truly love the work they are doing.


On the wall are huge murals immediately capturing your attention that act as a constant reminder of the PERQ core characteristics: Savvy, Grit, Magnetism and Competitive Greatness. In the “Player’s Lounge” there is a cereal bar and a soda machine — and a few steps away is an on-site gym.


And drawn on one of the walls is a HUGE game board that says, “The Game of PERQ”. The intrigue continues. What is the game? What are they talking about? I had to know more.

The Game of Business

PERQ Competitive Greatness WallSince joining the PERQ team, I now realize the Game isn’t just a game board on the wall that incentivizes employees for their accomplishments. This philosophy infiltrates the entire company and it’s a “Game On!” attitude that every PERQ employee embodies. It’s about playing the game of business with an incredible team, giving back to the community, and delivering value to our customers.


Although I’ve always considered myself to be a team player at my previous jobs, I’m encouraged by this overall “Game On!” company perspective. I think it will allow me to work in sync with my teammates toward the same goals — allowing us to help our clients be successful.

What is an Online Guide Shopping Experience?

As I complete my first week, I reflect back on what I’ve learned so far, including what an online guided shopping experience is and how it brings value to customers. This information should come in handy as I continue to get, “Congratulations on the new job! What does PERQ do exactly?” I’ll be able to give them the 4-1-1.


An online guided shopping experience can include a variety of interactive tools, like assessments, quizzes, an appointment scheduler and more. Businesses use these assets to make sure visitors stay on their website longer while gathering helpful information about shoppers moving through the buying funnel. In turn, our clients see more time on site, receive more (better-qualified) leads and an increase in revenue.


By capturing valuable information about the shopper as they research and explore a website, the sales team has the details needed to continue the conversation in-person and more easily close a deal.

A Better Shopping Experience

To me, this makes perfect sense. I don’t enjoy going to a store to be greeted by a salesperson asking way too many questions. Instead, and I think a lot of people would agree with me, I prefer to educate myself by going online to look at similar products, explore the various features and options available, and read reviews. When I’m ready, I go in, find what I want, and get out.


With our clients taking the shopping experience a step further by using our interactive tools to help visitors find what they’re looking for, I think it makes the shopper feel more in control. Visitors are able to take their time to educate themselves about what they are looking for, so they are that much more prepared to walk right in and get exactly what they want.


As the B2B Email Marketing Manager, I look forward to being an integral part of the continued success of PERQ by creating captivating email campaigns that provide helpful information and resources to our clients, partners and prospective customers about how they can find success using our software and improve their results. I look forward to the journey!