Enter Our March Mania Bracket Challenge For a Chance to Win $10K!

Thinking about having an event in March? Then the choice is simple: spend with PERQ and enter a bracket into our March Mania Bracket Challenge for the chance to win $10,000!  For every $10K you spend with PERQ during this promotional period, you (the dealer) get an entry into our March Mania bracket pool. So, spend $10K get one entry, $20K get two entries, $30K get three entries and so on! The more you spend, the more bracket entries you get. The bracket with the highest winning percentage at the end of the tournament gets the $10K. (more…)

Why You Need Some Skin in the Super Big Game!

It’s no secret that The Super Big Game is the biggest advertising event of the year. It attracts viewers of all ages and demographics; and its media power reaches consumers across all channels from television to Twitter. The game, the halftime show, and the commercials are all on everyone’s minds. So the question remains: what are you doing to “get in on the Big Game?”

Creating Direct Mail That Makes a Personal Connection

When it comes to automotive direct mail marketing, there’s one thing that has always remained constant: your mail pieces need to be attention grabbing and engaging! After all, bills, letters, magazines and direct mail pieces from competitors are all competing for your customer’s attention. Now, another thing that holds true with direct mail (or advertising, in general) is that customers like to feel as though they’re being individually acknowledged.


When customers feel they’re understood, they’re more likely to respond to a mail piece because they assume you know what’s best for them! Tailoring your direct mail pieces to specific audiences can really make all the difference. Here are some ideal tips for creating that personal connection:


5 Reasons People Are Trashing Your Auto Mailers

Have you ever spent a lot of money and time putting together a direct mail campaign, only to have it fall completely flat?  There are a lot of reasons some auto mailers are homeruns and others fail to perform altogether. One primary reason mail campaigns fail is that something about the piece practically begs recipients to trash the mailer immediately.

5 Tips for Using Data to Increase Auto Dealer Direct Mail Performance

“Big data” is all the buzz right now.  Speakers at trade shows, blogs and white papers are all talking about data and how it’s changing the way we run our businesses. When working with automotive dealers across the country, I hear the same two things over and over in regards to auto dealer rerect mail data:  Either they have data with no idea how to use it to help increase their response rate, or they have no data at all!