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Redwood Residential Optimizes Digital Results with Marketing Intelligence

Redwood Uses Marketing Intelligence to Maximize Digital Investments Redwood Residential maximizes the data it receives through marketing intelligence to make smarter marketing decisions for its multifamily properties. They see what’s converting in real time on their website, learn valuable consumer insights to gain a better understanding of what rental prospects… Read More

Amber Fugedi By Amber FugediMultifamily Market Insights, Success Stories


The Crystal Ball of Data

In the opening scenes of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy runs away from her Kansas home and promptly encounters Professor Marvel, a seedy, itinerant con artist whose tacky traveling wagon advertises him as “Acclaimed by The Crown Heads of Europe,” and offers his services to “Read Your Past, Present, and… Read More

Amber Fugedi By Amber FugediMultifamily Market Insights


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