Data Shows Pet-Friendly Rental Properties in Demand

Ever tried to bathe a big dog in an apartment bathtub or corral a squirrel-chasing pup in an unsecured outdoor area in your apartment community? If so, you know the struggle is real. With more renters owning pets, multifamily companies are building pet-friendly rental properties to make their residents’ lives easier.

That’s good news to pet owner Monica Hamaker, who currently lives in an apartment community with no pet amenities in Michigan. Even simple pet perks, such as a fenced-in area to walk her 68-pound Labrador mixed-breed rescue or an outdoor spray hose to wash his muddy paws, would be a big help, she says.

“Dog washing stations would be amazing! I hate having to wash him in our own bathtub,” says Hamaker, who had to buy a removable shower head to bathe her dog in the apartment bathroom. “Washing him outside would be so much easier.”

Are you keeping your property’s pet owners happy? More than 66 percent of U.S. households own a pet (more than 86 million homes), according to 2023 data from the American Pet Products Association cited by Forbes, and more than one-third of prospects looking for an apartment say they have a pet, according to an analysis of 14,261 consumers who interacted with PERQ’s online guided shopping solution.

Here’s a look at a few tail-wagging ideas for pet-friendly rental properties:

The increasing demand for pet-friendly properties has sparked the introduction of new amenities tailored to pets’ needs

Pet-friendly amenities are an absolute must for The Bozzuto Group, which manages multifamily properties in several cities, including Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. Its pet perks include grooming stations with large stainless-steel tubs and blow dryers.

“In these urban markets, pets are a big part of people’s lifestyles,” says Kelley Shannon, Bozzuto’s Vice President of Consumer Marketing. “What we’re trying to do is create a place they call home, where they feel like they fit in. If you don’t welcome their pets, then I don’t think we’re delivering a true sanctuary.”

Bark Parks

To compete in the “amenities war” among multifamily property owners, Mark Avis, President & CEO of Regency Multifamily says it’s important to understand what residents want and cater to their needs. In addition to offering resort-like pool areas, game room golf simulators and café internet bars, Regency added professionally designed dog parks with AstroTurf to keep residents’ pets from getting muddy.

“It’s something we’ve done at a couple of properties and it’s been a big hit,” Avis says. “We are always looking for things we think our residents will enjoy.”

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(Video courtesy of The Bozzuto Group)

Yappy Hours & Social Settings

Some multifamily properties managed by The Bozzuto Group also offer dedicated yappy hours for pets and their owners to mingle, including a pool party at the end of summer and a Halloween costume party. “Those are really popular,” Shannon says.

The dog parks at Regency Multifamily create a social atmosphere for all to enjoy, Avis says. “It becomes the social focal point of the community, where people really enjoy coming out there, whether they have an animal or not.”

Pet-friendly rental properties are appealing to renters. Consider making your properties a little more appealing to those prospects with furry companions.