Are you relatively new to online marketing? Or have years of experience? No matter where you are with your marketing strategy, you need to check out the trends that are leading to more sales in the automotive sales industry.

According to statistics, digital marketing is commanding a lot of attention in the automotive industry. It’s the area where you need to complete.


Here are 5 online automotive marketing trends worth taking note of in the next few years:


Paid Digital Media


A recent eMarketer report revealed that the U.S. automotive industry was projected to spend $8.71 billion on paid digital media in 2016. That represents a 17.3 percent rate of growth, year over year.


And it’s only expected to grow in the next few years. By 2020, eMarketer reported, the amount spent on digital media will climb to $14.14 billion.


Video Production


Online Automotive Marketing - Image 1If you’re not producing videos, you may be missing out on leads. According to AutoTrader, 20 percent of shoppers are more likely to click on a vehicle listing if it has an attached video, and Google reports a surge in people searching for automotive test-drives and walkthrough videos.


During the Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition, April 11-13, in Tampa, Fla., in April 2017, video production sessions will focus on topics such as formatting, common marketing mistakes, how to create videos for Facebook and YouTube and how to gain video subscribers.


Social Media


Online Automotive Marketing - Image 2With Facebook boasting 1.79 billion monthly active users, social media as a marketing strategy is not going anywhere. The number of followers on Instagram and Twitter aren’t shabby either.


The challenge will be using social media more strategically, from targeting the right audience and choosing the right options for each campaign. During the Digital Dealer Conference, advanced sessions will explain how to use credit score indicators and Polk data in creating targeted ads, and how to use data to attract new leads.


Predictive Analytics


If you’re looking to the more complex end of auto digital marketing solutions, check out predictive analytics. In the automotive dealership industry, predictive analytics could help you better determine which cars in your inventory are most likely to sell or not sell.

Targeted Advertising

Online Automotive Marketing - Image 3Marketing automation is an essential component of any competitive marketing strategy. With clients interacting with your site through inquiries about financing, trade-in appraisals and other information, you can gain the data insights to provide them a more customized experience. This includes targeted advertising that provides them with information on the types of vehicles that most interest them.





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