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Digital Tools: Cheat Sheet

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Whether your business is completely remote, back to being in the office, or a mixture of both, digital tools are here to help us both in our professional and personal lives. They help us with our project management, automating follow-up, lead nurture, and organizing our minds to work throughout the day.


With so many digital tools out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are best. Luckily, our EVP of Marketing, Muhammad Yasin, was chatting with Katrina M Greene, Senior Property Manager at Sheehan Property Management, and Dalia Kalgreen, Director of Marketing at Unified Residenital, the other week about the tools they have been loving to use lately.


From personal to professional, they gave a good list of tools they use and how those tools have helped them. 


Professional Tools


Snip & Sketch

If you use a Windows Operating system, Snip & Sketch is one of Dalia’s favorite tools for screen recording and taking screenshots. She finds it helpful to share with her team exactly what she is talking about — whether it’s an image or a video. When everyone is remote, a lot can be lost in translation via email but being able to provide a visual of what she is trying to explain or what others are trying to explain has made this one of the digital tools she can’t live without



Similar to Snip & Sketch, Snagit allows the user to record and share their screen with others. Unlike Snip & Sketch, Snagit can also operate on macOS. Katrina absolutely loves Snagit and uses it in the same way that Dalia uses Snip & Sketch. Katrina also finds this tool helpful when it comes to recording videos for training and being able to easily answer her team’s questions.



A tool that almost everyone in the digital age uses, Katrina can’t live without text. In a more professional way, Katrina loves the accessibility of texting. She loves knowing her family, friends, and employees are able to contact her when they need to. With being remote, being able to reach people and have her employees be able to reach her makes text a tool she can’t live without.


Personal Tools



Your overall well-being is important. Exercise while it can be annoying is a great way to boost your physical and mental health. Daily exercise doesn’t have to be too intense but it does help with dealing with stress. Dalia tries to do yoga and meditation most days to get her mind in the right place before putting herself to work. Working from home can make it hard to separate your working mentality from your home mentality.  Giving your mind and body a nice break will make it easier to not only be more productive, but give you more separation between work and home.



Katrina recommends the Calm App for helping people fall asleep. Having a good night’s rest is one of the most important ways to take care of your well-being. Being well-rested makes morning easiest — even for the self-proclaimed “not a morning person.” 


All of these tools have a common theme, helping with overall productivity. From clearer communication to having a healthy, well-rested mind and body, it’s no wonder that these two highly recommend them.