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The Confusing World of Multifamily AI

Multifamily AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the multifamily real estate industry. This can include AI-powered tools and systems to automate and streamline various tasks and processes in the management of multifamily properties, such as property management, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance scheduling, and more. The… Read More

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How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) can prove to be quite useful for all sorts of businesses and industries. Knowing the value your consumers can potentially contribute over a lifetime can help your business with its strategy going forward. In her latest for the PERQ blog, marketing & PR expert, Lauren… Read More

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Is Your Messaging Cohesive? How to Know If You’re Running a Proper Multi-channel Promotion

One of the most important attributes of a proper multi-channel campaign is the presence of cohesive messaging. By presenting the same imagery and messaging across multiple channels, your brand will consistently remain top-of-mind to consumers.   Essentially, cohesive messaging allows your brand to permeate a consumer’s decision making. Cohesive messaging… Read More

Lavon Simpson By Lavon SimpsonGuides & Training


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