Is Your Messaging Cohesive? How to Know If You’re Running a Proper Multi-channel Promotion

One of the most important attributes of a proper multi-channel campaign is the presence of cohesive messaging. By presenting the same imagery and messaging across multiple channels, your brand will consistently remain top-of-mind to consumers.

Essentially, cohesive messaging allows your brand to permeate a consumer’s decision-making. Cohesive messaging can help consumers determine whether they want to go to the dealership right up the block, or the one they’ve been hearing and seeing so much about!

In most cases, cohesive branding isn’t difficult at all. Logos and slogans can be placed just about anywhere without any issues. Cohesive campaign or promotion messaging, however, can be challenging because of varying channel constraints – character count limit, image size limit, etc. These limits can sometimes make it difficult for consumers to recognize one, sole promotion from one channel to the next. So, how does one determine if they’re running a proper, cohesive, multi-channel campaign? Here’s a brief checklist that you’ll want to go over prior to your campaign’s launch:

What Do You Want to Say?

Every time you launch a brand new multi-channel promotion, you need to come up with a message that can be easily conveyed through other channels and revolve around an actual offer or incentive. After all, your goal is to attract consumers to your dealership with an incentive. Burger King’s cohesive message in their latest promotion was “Chicken Fries are Back.” A beloved item came back for a limited time and they based their messaging around that specific offer. So before crafting your message, think about what you want to offer to prospective buyers.

Now, many different channels have varying constraints and limits, so you’ll want your message to be as succinct and easily digestible as possible. You’d be surprised what a few sentences can do! Statements like “You could walk away with a jackpot of over $6,000 our dealership.” Or “Enter to win a $500 Shopping Spree” can be easily placed within Facebook ads, direct mail pieces, television ads, billboards, e-mails, etc. More importantly, they’re messages that can be repeated often.

There might be a word or two that gets eliminated because of character constraints — and that’s perfectly okay. All you need to do is keep the messaging as similar to one another as humanly possible. The ultimate goal is to get consumers to have a concrete idea of what you’re offering.

What Images Do You Want People to See?

Along with a memorable message, you’ll also want equally memorable imagery that will translate easily from channel to channel. When deciding on appropriate imagery, think about the channels you’ve selected for your multi-channel promotion. Are you using a combination of Targeted Display, Direct Mail & E-mail? Or, are you using a combination of Banner Ads, Direct Mail & Targeted Display?

Whatever your combination, picture (in your head) the ideal compositions, color schemes and logos for your channel’s dimensions. Also, think about the limitations of each channel. For example: Facebook advertising has a maximum of how much text can cover an uploaded image. That being said, you’d want to include colors or items that will draw consumer’s attention.