Better Follow-Up, Better Lead-to-Lease Conversion Rate

Arguably one of the most important metrics for multifamily and property management, lead to lease conversion is key to understanding if your operations are working efficiently. It takes a lot of work and effort to get leases signed and keep residents satisfied and wanting to renew. In recent years there’s been a lot of development and innovation in multifamily technology and property management solutions. From virtual leasing to leasing AI, multifamily has more tools than ever to gather better data, meet consumer buying habits, and more personalized follow-up/lead nurture. Let’s dive into what leasing AI is and how it helps lead to lease conversion.


PERQ bot icon | AI Leasing Assistant


AI Leasing Assistants have made waves in multifamily this past year, but what is so special about them and are they worth the investment? There are a few on the market and the differences seem subtle but they make a huge difference. We have a blog post already dedicated to the difference between natural language chatbots and rule based chatbots that you can read here.


PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant lives on your website and uses natural language to chat with prospects and answer their questions 24/7. The AI Assistant keeps the conversations, text and email, so when the prospect is ready to talk to a leasing specialist, the team member can see what was talked about between the lead and the bot. It also collects insightful data and has real time reporting for the most accurate tour schedules and availability.


This data and knowledge that it gives to leasing specialists supports them by better equipping them to have those first initial conversations and cater the tour to highlight and spotlight what it is they are looking for. More personalized experiences and follow-up leads to higher lease conversion numbers. Unified Residential is seeing this first hand after hiring PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant.



You might’ve Googled “how to follow up on a prospect to lease an apartment”, “sample thank you letter after apartment tour”, “sample follow-up email after apartment tour”, “leasing follow-up template”, or even “follow-up email for apartment prospect template” in hopes of finding that magic copy that grabs prospects’ interest in their inbox and brings them closer to signing a lease. The problem is getting stuck on the idea that there is an apartment tour follow-up email template out there that is going to work on every prospect.

MicrosoftTeams image 8 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

The AI Leasing Assistant’s follow-up is more personalized to your property and to the prospect than any old sample follow up email to prospective client you can find online. With PERQ, you can customize your follow-up messaging to be in your brand colors and brand voice. It sounds and looks less automated/robotic and more human. Even though many prospects know it’s most likely an automated email, the personalization gives it that edge that makes it stand out in their inbox.


To the right is an example of what a follow up email after apartment viewing, follow up email after rental application, or thank you letter after viewing an apartment would look like with PERQ. The brand color and voice really makes the email stand out and grabs your attention. This kind of follow-up leads to more leases because it gives a positive impression of the property and the team and is more recognizable than a leasing follow-up email template.


To learn more about how an AI Leasing Assistant can help your multifamily property increase lead to lease conversion, talk to one of our specialists today and check out our resources.