How to Leverage Unique Polling Questions for Better Buyer Profiles

By: Felicia Savage

Since its launch, PERQ software has had the ability to obtain specific information directly from in-market consumers to create comprehensive buyer profiles. Instead of simply asking for a name, e-mail address and desired product, brands can fully utilize questions within the interactive experiences in order to create a unique online shopping experience and obtain the answers they’re looking for. Here’s how to get the most from PERQ’s assessment and quiz questions.

Ask About Consumer Purchasing Intentions

Asking about a consumer’s purchasing intentions allows you to have more quickly satisfy a consumer’s needs and have in-depth discussions sooner.

One of the first things you’ll want to inquire about are your consumer’s purchasing intentions. Whether it’s determining what they want to buy, inquiring about their budget or how they prefer to be contacted, asking consumers upfront about what they want allows you to ask more specific questions when you’ll start to speak directly with them.


For example: If a consumer makes it clear they have $X amount to spend on a desired vehicle brand, you can utilize the buery profile information and ask them about their thoughts on similar makes & models, financing options and so on. Asking about a consumer’s purchasing intentions allows you to have more quickly satisfy a consumer’s needs and have in-depth discussions sooner.


Ask About Past Experiences


In addition to asking about consumer purchasing intentions, asking about a consumer’s past experiences has also proven to be exceptionally useful. When consumers answer questions about the products or services they’ve purchased previously or about where they’ve shopped, it provides brands like yours with the opportunity to provide a better customer experience (than their competitors) and provide viable suggestions on new products based on their satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with an older product or service.


Just like inquiring about purchasing intentions, asking about past experiences allows brands to personalize the conversation and build trust. Other good questions (besides “what did you purchase before?” or “where have you purchased?”) could be: “How would you rate your previous buying experience?,” or “What’s prompting you to buy <service/product>?”


Use Different Variable Widgets


custom widgetsOver the last few months, our product team has been making some pretty amazing changes to PERQ — one of those changes being the ability to add different answer variables to questions like: multiple choice, multi-select (typically with checkboxes) or form-fills. The reason this latest PERQ innovation is so helpful is because it allows brands to have full control over the quality and type of information they want to receive from their consumers.


For example: A store might want consumers to select a number of possible vehicles they’d like to try out as opposed to just one. By applying a multi-select widget to the question “What vehicle(s) are you interested in?,” it gives you more ways to cater to your prospective shoppers and build your buyer profiles.


It allow you to provide consumers with more viable options. If, of course, you want to provide an even more catered customer experience, you can append a “form-fill” option to a question like “What has your shopping experience been so far?”